Amazing Boeing 777 airplane structure made out of paper

An amazing Paper airplane Boeing 777 | Interesting Architectural project made out of paper 

An amazing Paper air bus Boeing 777

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paper aircraft inside seats boeing 777

paper aircraft boeing 777 side view
paper aircraft boeing 777 precious wheel structure
Luca Iaconi Stewart with his paper boeing 777 airbus model

Paper airbus Boeing 777:

A Student from San Francisco took five years to make an exact copy of the Boeing 777 flight from paper.

Luca Iaconi Stewart, high school student, received the assignment in architecture class. He had to make a simple model of Boeing 777 airplane out of paper. inspired by this idea he decided to do something more ambitious. He was always interested in airplanes, so he decided to make an accurate model of paper boeing 777 on a scale of 1:60. So he began to build a model in school and it took a lot of paper and five years of his life. Luca hopes to create a new larger aircraft model too.

The fact is that no one came so seriously to the construction of paper airplanes like him till now.

To create the model Luke chose the plane of Air India 777-300ER, a scheme which he found on the Internet. He used all the knowledge received in school, and worked every detail of the aircraft.

The creator of a paper plane said that while he had no idea where it is possible to give the finished model, but hopes that there will be offers from museums or aviation companies.

Luke grateful parents who gave him complete freedom, and more.

Iacono Stewart showed the process of working on creating the paper airplane video.

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An amazing Paper airplane Boeing 777

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