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Folded cardboard chair

Chairigami Provides relaxing with a paper inspired Chair ( cardboard furniture)

If you are looking for an Adventurous furniture or you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to chairs made from waste materials, let me draw your attention to these interesting creation of Chairigami. Inspired by the Japanese paper folding art of origami, Chairigami gives users a place to rest his feet and is made entirely best out of cardboard. Chairs, seemingly held together with little more than slits in each design, and they even resemble paper animals.

  Chairigami comes in three versions: Desk chair, Lounge chair and love chair. Lounge to relax, in particular, looks almost like origami dog. Visitors may falsely assume these creations Chairigami cheap because of their materials, but they really come at a reasonable price in the range of $ 70 to $ 100.

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