Teeth Shaped Coffee Mugs

Bizarre teeth Shaped Coffee Mugs

attractive tooth shape mug designs

un common ceramic mug products with uneven designs

Bizarre teeth Shaped Coffee Mugs

These tea Cups teeth are a Bizarre Take on traditional models

If you are looking to spice up your morning coffee routine with something a bit confusing really unusual, then these teeth Tea Cups will definitely do the trick.

While many modern designs have daily cup comic quotes or references to recognizable pop culture, this odd design instead chose to focus on a separate part of the human anatomy: teeth. These teacups are ceramic and feature visually striking unusual design teeth around the upper edge of the cup. Therefore, you will take a sip of coffee or hot tea, you immediately feel the ridges of the structure of the teeth on your lips finely described.

Although not for the squeamish, these teeth-inspired mugs are for those who love the weird and wacky items that probably nobody else will.

References: etsy & neatorama

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