Turning waste Computer mouse into Beautiful sculptures & crafts

Funny computer mouse sculptures- E-waste management ideas

I found some interesting images of small sculptures created by using computer mouse waste, this computer mouse sculptures are great for display at the desk in the office or storefront.

Turning Deadly E-waste of computer spare parts Into Beautiful crafts

Collection of Computer mice wastes to make innovative arts and sculptures out of its waste parts.

Turning waste Computer mouse into Beautiful sculptures & crafts

Alligator(crocodile) shape sculpture, this was created by modifying the parts of 5 waste mouse. 

flower vase craft

Flower vase sculpture or we can call craft for table decoration.

mice shape art for table decoration

Mouse shape sculpture from couple of waste mouse with a waste cable used as tail..

Frog head robot shape sculpture art for table decoration using many parts of computer mouse wastes..

Flight sculpture

Reference: iqmal.staff.ugm.ac.id

Cute Headgehog shape sculpture made out of a computer mouse with numerous cables to give the headgehog appearance..  
Interesting arts and crafts for table decoration,  low cost crafts make your own at home from computer wastes, Manage electronic wastes into useful and attractive products that can also be sold in the market. Reuse- Recycle E-Waste

Amazing sculptures from old Computer mouse – Turning Deadly E-waste Into Beautiful crafts


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