How to get bad odor out of shoes?

How to get bad odor out of shoes ( Tips to eliminate odor from shoes)

Does the Smell coming from your shoes bothering you?..

The nasty “foot
odor” may be due to several factors: excessive use of the same pair of
shoes, yeast infection or bacteria or lack of ventilation, among others. If you
want to get rid of that sour and disgusting smell coming from your beautiful
shoes, your search is over here. Continue reading to find out how to prevent
your shoes from having bad smell. 

Deodorize shoes With baking soda

Deodorize shoes with baking soda. Put some
baking soda in shoes all night to barefoot them. Before you put on shoes in the
morning, take them out and beat one foot on the other to remove excess powder. 
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Insoles and

Use insoles or cedar chips. Cedar wood has
antifungal properties and is often used to deodorize clothes. The cedar-based
insoles will be in their shoes, since the chips need to be worn at night and
removed in the morning. (odor control insoles)
Use insoles with
odor control. They can be cut into the shape of the original shoe sole and come
in different colors. They work well for sandals, high heels or open shoes
Use insole with small double-sided
adhesive tape or rubber cement strokes. This will cause the sock to stay in
place, besides being easily removable. ( shoe insoles for sweaty feet)
Use insoles lined
with silver ions. Coatings containing silver ions have antimicrobial effect and
can inhibit the emergence of bacteria responsible for bad smell.(Silver ion antibacterial insole)
Use fabric
softener sheet. Simply place a few fabric softener sheets in each shoe before use. 

Deodorizes instantly.

Remove the stink
by freezing the shoe

Remove the stink
by freezing the shoe. Put your shoes in sealable plastic bags that fit in the
freezer (one for each shoe, if required) and let them spend the night in the
freezer. The cold should eliminate fungi and bacteria that cause bad smell.

Washing shoes 

If the shoes can
be washed, put them in the washing machine or place them in a bowl with water
and soap for a gentler cleaning. Ensure mainly wash the inside (the insole as
well) and let every part of the shoe to dry before using it again.

Use Talc to prevent foot and shoes from getting wet (shoes smell bad after getting wet)

If your shoes
start to stink when get wet, so a good way to prevent them from getting wet
(plus let them taking a look from time to time) is using baby powder. Talc has
a pleasant and subtle smell and can prevent your feet to sweat.

Apply talc on your feet. Then dress socks.

Apply another
layer of powder on your shoes and put on them.

Personal hygiene 

 Wash your feet every day or every other day,
with antimicrobial soap. If the bad smell of them is caused by fungi or
bacteria, a good idea is to attack the source of the problem. Every day, while
bathing, do a good cleaning the feet with antimicrobial or antibacterial soap.
 Discover wash your feet every day with
antimicrobial soap leaves dry. Wash your feet every day can let them dry and
cracked. If this happens, moisten them before washing and consider washing them
with antimicrobial soap day in and day out.
Spend deodorant
feet. It may sound strange, but remember that your feet sweat too. Buy a proper
deodorant for feet (ie do not use on any other body part) and apply it each

Taking time to

Switch shoes.
Avoid using the same pair of shoes two days in a row. This gives them a chance
to vent before being used again.
Leave your shoes
take enough air. Your feet need ventilation and shoes as well. When doing a
sunny day, do not hesitate to let them play outside – without you. That is,
give them a good vacation!

Wearing socks 

Wear socks when
possible. Airy cotton socks help absorb moisture from your feet, keeping the
shoes a little cleaner.
 If you are using high heels or flat shoes,
you can wear socks that do not appear. They may cover only the back of the
heel, sides, the front of the fingers and soles of the feet.

Choosing the
right shoes 

Put shoes to serve you. When the shoes do not
serve, your feet can sweat more than normal (in addition to being incredibly
uncomfortable). Try the shoes before buying and do not be afraid to consult a
podiatrist if your feet start to bother you.
 Put shoes whose tissues are porous and airy.
This is not a terribly revolutionary idea, but wear shoes whose tissues are
more ventilated end up with the stink and sweat from your feet. Synthetic
fabrics are usually not very well ventilated. The most airy fabrics
    Hemp linen
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