This is the reason why you should NOT use ‘Cotton Swabs’ to clean your Ears

You should know the reason why you should NOT use cotton swabs/buds to clean your ears..

For years our mother have taught us that we must clean our ears regularly using a cotton swab. Here we show why you have to stop this practice immediately if you do not want to ruin the health of your ears.

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What are Cotton swabs?

A Cotton swab or Cotton Buds is an instrument used to collect samples for further study in medicine, usually used to find out what affects germ infection. Rod-shaped with a cotton tip finishing. Another type of swab is used to clean the auditory canal.

What do the doctors say?

Otolaryngologists (ENT physicians) indicate that under any point of view if we use swabs to clean our ears we only push the wax inside. This means that, besides creating an earplug, eventually we prone to infections and ear diseases such as otitis, labyrinthitis, among others. In addition, the tympanic membrane can break if you make a wrong move. Keep in mind that the more you stimulate your ears it damages the glands which produce ear wax.

What is ear wax?

The ear is an organ that has the distinction of cleaning itself. It has a ceruminous glands that produce earwax. This substance not only lubricates the ear canal but also keep ear perfectly clean. In addition, the ear has cilia, very particular hairs that move out all foreign particles from ear. The wax together with the production of lubricant and the presence of hair, protects our ears. When excessive amounts of wax are generated you should consult a specialist, you should not use any element within your ear to remove earwax.


Now you know, NEVER use cotton swabs to clean the inside of your ears. But you can use them to clean the outer surface of your ear and in their folds of cartilage usually the accumulated dirt.


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