How to look Beautiful without any Makeup? ~ Beauty Tips & Video Tutorial for Girls

Today’s tutorial is going to be on ‘how to look beautiful without any makeup on?’  ~ Good Makeup Tutorials Video

#Makeuptips Some people just don’t like wearing makeup in the mornings or they just don’t have the time. so I’m just gonna show you guys a few easy beauty steps on how to look presentable before stepping out the door without makeup. [basic makeup tutorial]. This is a Simple natural makeup tutorial.

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Beautiful lips tips:

In the mornings we are not looking or feeling our best which is why we’re gonna change that. To the first thing you wanna do is of course brush your teeth and when you brushing your teeth go exfoliate your lips using your tooth brush which is what I’m doing here just going over my lips to make sure that all the dry skin is completely gone.

Skin care: 

Next, I’m gonna go ahead and excoriate my skin, the days where I don’t like to wear makeup I like to exploit my skin and make sure that my skin is nice fresh and clean. so I like to use a brush like this one and a very gentle scrub and I like to just go over and clean my face afterwards feels fresh the brush really helps clean your skin. [Every Day Makeup]

How to Look Beautiful with No Makeup Tutorial Video: 

All right!.. now that we feel nice and clean I’m actually gonna go ahead and exfoliate my lips just a little bit more because actually have really dry skin so my lips tend to be really dry so I’m using the lip scrub here and making sure and lips feel nice and soft.

Next you want to hydrate your lips with your favorite lip balm. I’m using central oils because it just smells so good.

Face massage tips – Slapping your Face:

And this is probably the most important step you want to start slapping your face very gently and even just pinching your cheeks this is basically gonna get some blood flowing and bring some color into your skin.

Of course when you apply your favorite moisturizer if it already has sunscreen in it then you can skip your sunscreen if not then you wanna apply over moisturizer and press the product into your skin.

Eye makeup tips

how to do my eye makeup? Basic eye makeup tutorial – curling your brows is a total game-changer instrument, lift your eyes so if you’re not there were any mascara. I suggest you hurling them as you can see does make a huge difference. I like to curl up twice because the first time it doesn’t catch up curling it the second time make sure to keep the curve for the rest of the day.

This is another really fun tip that I have for you guys apply little bit of aquaphor on your lashes just gonna make your lashes appear wet which is gonna make it look like you have a little bit of mascara on.

For my under eyes I went for a brightening eye cream this one instantly brightens my under eye areas I’d really like it

This stuff is also very important especially if you’re not gonna wear any makeup. make sure you grew your brows so plug if you need to and then afterwards you gonna brush them upwards or to look polished.

Simple Hair makeup Tips

Of course you wanna make sure you have a nice blowout or your hair looks nice and curly whatever you are going for so I actually had just cut my hair and blow out right at the neck floor so my hair was looking pretty and flowy so I just decided to brush it and leave it Straight

Simple Cheek makeup

I also like to play off before on the high point that my cheeks for and natural glows as we can apply any highlighters you wanna apply something glossy to give yourself a nice glow after that you are done you look nice, fresh and super polished and ready to leave, but if you can use absolutely one product that product should be a bronzer so if you wanna apply a little bit bronzer on your cheeks as you can see I’m applying very little and making sure that it’s nice and blended. I like to use a kabuki brush and brush this on the high point of my cheeks and I do feel like just a little bit a bronzer does out a lot color this is totally optional you can just skip this step and still look presentable but if you wanna add a little bit of color to make sure you look like you’ve got some Sun then go ahead and do that. so I really hope you guys enjoyed this ‘makeup tips’ and easy ‘Makeup tutorial’.

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