House decor: 4D Corner wall shelf

Home decoration ideas: Save space in your house, Modern Furniture and house decor | Wall corner shelf | decorative wall shelf | laminated Walnut color wall shelf | zig zag stand to fit in your house in the wall corners

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4D concept Decorative wall shelf:  I found this long corner wall shelf home decor in an online Shopping website.

Approximate size of this corner wall shelf fitting will be around 7.75×7.75×48.5 inches. 
Following details are mentioned in their site about its material and color: Surface are laminated with walnut color and it is made of MDF.

They mentioned that the corner wall shelf can be easily fit/hang in the corner of your house wall as they will send you required hardware and instructions to fit.

This one is a laminated short corner wall shelf with the same walnut color coating. This will be a best suite for small home decorations or office room decorations.

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