10 best films for pregnant women to help lifting the spirits and positive emotions

10 best films for pregnant women to help lift the spirits and positive emotions

10 best films for pregnant women to help lifting the spirits and positive emotions

Everyone knows that pregnant women need to receive positive emotions! That’s why we offer to your attention the 10 best films of good for pregnant women to help lift the spirits and will give a lot of positive emotions.

1. “Plan B”, 2010


The main character Zoey slightly over 30, and she has no family, but have a plan. It appeals to doctors to make artificial fertilization. As soon as Zoe learns she is pregnant, she meets his love – Wall.

2. “Knocked Up”, 2007

Hollywood movie

Ben Stone – a 23-year-old slacker. Alison Scott – a young girl working on television. Once it was raised to a reporter. She decided to mark the occasion and went with her sister Debbie in a nightclub, where she met Ben. Alison spent the night with him, but quickly realized that between them much in common. After 8 weeks, she realized that she was pregnant …

3. “Juno”, 2007

Hollywood film "Juno", 2007

Sixteen year old schoolgirl Juneau McGuffey learns that she is pregnant by her friend Paulie Bleeker. At first she wants to have an abortion, and later abandons this idea and decides to give the baby up for adoption. But in the future it will happen in a different way …

4. “The Next Best Thing”, 2000

The Next Best Thing", 2000

Abby Reynolds threw a loved one. She went to a party for his best friend gay Robert, after they woke up together … After a while Abby learned she was pregnant, and the father of her child – Robert. But Abby meets another man …

5. “Where the Heart Is”, 2000

best Hollywood film "Where the Heart Is", 2000

17-year-old pregnant girl Novalja traveling from Tennessee to California with her boyfriend. However, in the town of Sequoia decides to leave her boyfriend. The girl did not know what to do, but is the original out of the situation: it is hidden in one store and secretly lived there until her child is born …

6. “Junior”, 1994

"Junior", 1994

Two doctors are working to solve the problem of infertility, but they want to close the lab. so they decide to take a desperate step – to conduct an experiment on himself. For this purpose one of the doctors embryo implanted into the abdominal cavity, it begins to drink the desired drugs. During pregnancy scientist wake paternal and maternal feelings …

7. “9 months”, 1995

Movies for pregnenet women "9 months", 1995

A young couple from San Francisco – Samuel therapist and dance teacher Rebecca have been married for five years. Rebecca dreams of a kid, and Samuel is afraid of change …

8. “Look Who’s Talking”, 1989

Molly – a future single mother. On the way to the hospital she meets James. And since that time, James befriends a young mother and a nurse for her son Mikey …

9. “Serendipity”, 2001

One winter day in New York among the crowd, Jonathan met Sarah. They soon realized that they were drawn to each other. But young people do not surrender to the senses and decided to test fate, what came of it?

10. “Love Actually”, 2003

The plot consists of ten parallel developing stories. The main idea of ​​the film – Love reigns all around. From the Prime Minister, immediately fell in love with co-worker of his administration – to the writer fell in love with a foreigner …

In addition, you can see such wonderful films as “Benny & Joon,” “Finding Neverland” (it’s a little sad, but very good), “Holiday”, “The Athenian evening,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and others .

It is also interesting and useful for pregnant women can be educational and informative films “Waiting for the Stork”, “Three stage of labor,” “Conversations with Dr. Ella Komarovsky” “Happy pregnancy” and others.

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