Underarm sweat pads to Stop Underarm Odor

Underarm sweat pads to Stop Underarm Odor  | Interesting product to Reduce Body Odor among Men and women 

These pads are known by various names – underarm shields, guard
garments and clothing shields – and they are designed to protect the
clothing from armpit sweat, reduce signs of wet marks and staining on
clothing and stops bad body odor. they help to manage excessive sweating
every day. Underamr sweat pads
are usually made of 100 percent cotton, absorbent and breathable
materials, and come in both disposable and reusable, washable types.
Some brands also include vinyl layer together with absorbent cotton to
give extra protection to your clothes.

Disposable underarm pads:

disposable Underarm sweat pads to Stop Underarm Odor

This type of pads are very useful during summer. If you have a big
interview and want to stay dry, this absorbing pad might help. Also if you like
wearing a lot of white shirts, this might help prevent those lovely
little yellow spots that start developing over time because of over sweating.
Washable & reusable underarm pads: 
reusable underarm pads to stop sweating underarms
 This type of underarm pads was designed for those who don’t like disposable sweat pads. This type of pads are re-washable and it can help prolong life of your cloths.

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Underarm sweat pads to control Bad smelling of your sweat


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