4 beautiful car parking designs | Parking in style

4 beautiful car parking designs | Car Parking in styles

The garage is a space that is readily overlooked. There are many ways to organize your garage or shed: simply let your imagination run wild! Today we want to give you five examples of beautiful garages in various modern styles. Maybe not for every budget, but definitely inspiring! So read on quickly and enjoy this selection of stylish car parks and get ideas for your garage!

The design of this car parking is all about light and color. Although the low ceiling the theme of speed suggests this space at the same time exudes a large portion of glamor. A beautiful car here feel right at home and as a film set – in the center of attention.

This car park will be the heart of many car enthusiasts beat faster. The garage, which is an underground part of a villa and estate, which has an impressive skylight lets in natural light and sun to play freely over shiny paintwork. A perfect environment thus to exhibit a personal collection in style.

In this example we divert a moment of private garages and we take a look at this spectacular public parking. The design is fantastic and proves that public garages absolutely not boring, dark gray and his hooves. These walls with color and light offer something extra that makes shopping each afternoon a memorable experience. Now with shopping!

Back to the private garage we found this specimen in Blaricum that houses in a style silver-gray Porsche 911 Turbo! Through Put in the same style as the corresponding villa exudes this garage both tough and elegant atmosphere where you are surrounded with pleasure your Porsche.

Finally, a car with unique charisma: smooth, refined, stylish and with a touch of humor. Combine your art collection with your garage for a spectacular effect like this, and give your car the attention it deserves!

Which of these garages would put your car in the best light? Share your style with us and leave a message below!


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