Lifehack: 5 simple tricks to stop sneezing, hiccups or other complications

Lifehack: 5 simple hacks to stop sneezing, hiccups or other complications.

Buzzfeed produced a lifehack video from which you will learn how to stop some uncontrollable situation that annoy enough… Sneezing, hiccups, tears, stuffy nose etc …

#1 clear a stuffy nose: Press between your eyebrows, Push your palate with your tongue.
this is thought to loosen your congestion by moving your vomber bone.

#2 Stop Hiccups: Drink water while plugging your ears, if not works then Pull your tongue out.
 this lessens diaphragm spasms & Stimulates nerves.
#3 Stop your tears: Look up and hold your breath then slowly exhale. You can also pinch the bridge of your nose.
 this hinders the flow of tears from your tear ducts.

#4 Stop or force a sneeze:

  • Force Sneeze: Look into a bright light to force a sneeze 
  • Stop Sneeze: Pinch your nose or tickle palate with your tongue

but its recommended to let a sneeze occur to avoid potential injury

#5 Dilate your pupils at will: Just think about bright or dark spaces or situations where your adrenalin is pumping can change your pupil size, Looking at someone you find attractive can also do the trick 

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