Bocusini: A 3D Printer that Can Print & Decorate your Foods..

The Bocusini is a universal open source food printer was launched by German company Print2Taste. it can print many different food categories – confectionery, bakery products, meat, dairy products, vegetable and fruit products and many more.

You will see it is clean and easy to use. Your printable food come safely packaged in cartridges this makes the Bocusini to first plug-and-play printer. With bocusini the inventor want to show the world how easy and create a food printing be, No matter if you use bocusini in pastrami or confectionery. With bocusini you can create your own fantastic new food world and create unprecedented food creations.

Of course, you can also use it at home, become a star chef or confection yourself and surprise your guests, friends or family. You will be amazed how many new ideas bocusini will bring to life in your restaurant, cafe or pastry shop. Full printing team consists of experienced food researchers who spent years to optimize food properties. now we can print nearly every type of food with this plugg and play food printing system.

It just takes three steps to use the bocusini:

  1. Insert the food cartridge up
  2. Connect and create your own design
  3. And then start printing.

Pre-filled food cartridges allow you to quickly change from one taste to another as simply switching cartridges by the way all our printable foods are based on natural food products.
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easy-to-use Bocusini – World’s first plug & play 3D Food Printing System..


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