DIY beautiful Candy cup Out of Waste Plastic Bottles

How to make a beautiful Candy cup yourself out of waste water bottle (candy cup ideas)..

Materials required: Recycled plastic bottle, ribbon, decorative elements, glue and scissors.

Step by step DIY guide to recycle plastic bottles at home for your kids:

 The craftist from is going to use recycled waste plastic bottle. bottle is going to be cut through the middle just like this cutting bottles to make deocrative cups out of plastic bottleand then they are going to use upper portion to form the cup shape and the lower portion to use as a base for our cup.

Cut the edges to give it a smooth edge feel. and then put a little bit of glue right at the mouth of the bottle and use a ribbon, touch the ribbon right through the whole mouth of the bottle and then put the excess and secure with a little bit of glue at the end. Now, put a bit of glue inside of the mouth just like this at the rim and then attach both upper portion and the lower portion forming the cup shape. Now, for make the cup to become a decorative cup, use plastic flowers as a decorative element but you can use whatever you like at home.

here, is the the finished decorative cups decorative candy cup for kidsand as you can see the craftist uses different combinations of the decorative elements as well as ribbon colors. you can use this decorative cup made out from recycled plastic bottles to put candy inside or to put school supplies as well for your kids.

I hope that you enjoyed this innovative craft mode out from waste recycled plastic bottle as much as the artist enjoy making it..

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DIY beautiful Candy cup Out of Waste Plastic Bottles..


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