DIY “Piggy bank” Out of Waste Plastic Bottle

Interesting Crafts out of Waste Materials: Plastic Bottle Piggy

Making a Craft for your kids from recycled materials is very simple with this idea as it is inexpensive. Mom and Kids can make this plastic piggy bottle together at home. Mom don’t need to spend money on doing this cute handicraft because the craft is simply utilizing waste plastic bottles available at home.

DIY "Piggy bank" Out of Waste Plastic Bottle,  Interesting Crafts out of Waste Materials: Plastic Bottle Piggy, DIY crafts out of waste materials,

Let’s see what materials required and how to make craft yourself from recycled materials:

Materials/tools required:
1. 1 cleaned plastic bottle
2. Blade / Cutter
3. Colored spray paint
4. Accessories: ‘eyes’
5. Glue
6. Decorative cardboard

OK, now lets see how to make piggy bank craft from recycled materials:

1. Clean the used plastic bottle, then cut into 3 parts. You will get a small center portion of the bottle after cutting, throw that away.

2. Glue the remaining two top and bottom parts back into the bottle (this is reduce the height of the bottle). Wait for it to dry.

3. Make a small hole to insert money into the piggy bank.

3. Spray desired color on the bottle and Then let it to dry.
4. Cut a cardboard into the shape of the ears, feet and tail. Then, glue all the parts. Moms can also involve their baby in this case.

5. Fit ‘eyes’ as an additional decoration using glue.

Making an inexpensive craft from recycled materials is easy, right?

Uses of this useful craft: this bottle piggy bank craft can be used to train the baby to understand the benefits of savings..  also encourages kids to make crafts from recycled materials.

DIY “Piggy bank” Out of Waste used Plastic Bottle..


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