Gun shape iPhone case – illegal in US

Mobile case in pistol shape enters the US Police sights
Accessory makes mobile owner look like they are armed. Cop says that carrier can be shot by accident.
A cell phone case for iPhone 5 or 6 in gun shape entered the US Police sights.

The Iphone case is Shaped like a pistol, the accessory was found for between $10 and $50 in the US Amazon store, but was withdrawn from circulation. In black, white and pink colors. eBay is still selling the product.

Gun shape iPhone case - illegal in US

Although he promised to free the mobile from scratches, the case, police said, could make the owner take a shot by accident, as the iphone case resemblance to a real gun. The warning was given by the Attorney of New Jersey on June 30.

“The job of a police officer is difficult enough without having to think twice in the night when someone decides to take one of these as it is standing in the middle of the night because of a traffic violation,” it said in his Facebook page.

“Please, friends, this phone’s case is not a legal product or even a good idea.” The Attorney published photos of the case positioned in the back pocket or to be used when a phone call is answered.

The Department of the New York Police has also criticized the pistol shape iphone case. “I would not suggest buying this case for mobile phones, which was designed to look like a firearm,” advised on Twitter.

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