DIY Wi-Fi signal strength Booster ~ Extend wifi range in house

“How can I boost my wireless signal..?”

Sometimes, when I’m on the other side of the house the Wi-Fi signal from my router is pretty low. Well, I got a fun solution that can double or triple your wifi signal strength and it involves Beer can or you can also use a soda can of course.. but we need the can to be empty.

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How to make your own Wi-Fi signal strength booster from Coke tin or Beer tin?

Materials required: Beer Can or Coke Can, Cutter or Scissors, Blue TAC

DIY wifi booster instructions 

Remove the pop top and make sure the Can is washed out and clean. then we need a sharp cutter or a pair of scissors and we’re gonna start cutting around the very bottom of the Beer can. carefully cut all the way around the can and then remove the bottom. Now, will repeat the process at the top of the can where you drink out off.  but this time we’re not gonna cut all the way around we’re gonna leave a one or two inch space somewhere at the top of the can and then on the opposite side of where that spaces we are going to cut down the middle of the can and fan it out.

You might need to work a little bit until it forms a U shape. when you’re done stand it up, the wifi booster is ready and it should look like this. Blue Tac to stick it to the bottom over the wifi router. Take the opening side of the wifi booster and put it over the antenna of your wifi router, the Blue TAC should hold it in place.
We’ll need something similar to

If you have two antennas you can make two wifi booster from two Cans and use them. I made two wifi boosters because I have two antennas on my wifi router. I was amazed when I checked the wifi  signals on the other side of the house. My phone wifi signal strength had easily triple with this new beer can wifi booster. Go ahead and make one and share your results in the comments also don’t forget to share this article with your friends. DIY Wi-Fi signal strength Booster ~ Extend wifi range in house, improve wifi signal


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