How to Find iPhone 6 is Real or Fake?

Comparison between Real iPhone 6 Vs Fake iPhone | Duplicate iphone 6:

You’ve probably seen the fake iPhone 6s. They’re very compelling , they look very real.  In fact, some people may not be able to even tell the difference between a fake clone iPhone 6 and the real iPhone 6. Here we are trying to show you some of the differences. You might not even know which one of these is real which one is fake.

Well, left one the Black one space gray is the real one where’s the white iphone is the fake clone.  now this is actually hard to find the changes or differences.

starting out the camera you can see that’s extremely similar you have to make sure that the camera ring is matching the color of the phone.

also that the flash should be yellow.

The Apple logo should be reflective and it really just depends on which color you get

On the bottom the text should be dark it should not be white to tell right away that this is a fake one because the text is white should be gray or black and should have some FCC and other serial information.

Apart from that the only really other big difference is that  the iPhone 6 has really curved display on the sides really subtle but it something you definitely can notice the reflection. on this fake one you can see that it is not curve, you can see the separation of layers so if they’re is a nice surrounded beautiful curved glass display on the phone you know its iPhone 6 but if you don’t see that curved then it is probably fake.

 Other thing is obviously the fake one is running the weird version of iOS, it will be really buggy and slow.

How to Find iPhone 6 is Real or Fake?, duplicate iphone 6


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