Lumenati CS1 ~ Cinematic Smartcase ~ Innovative iPhone Gadget

Lumenati CS1 – Easy video shooting gadget for iphone

The Lumenati CS1 is a cinematic iphone case aimed at bringing a more enjoyable experience to shooting video. 

Lumenati CS1 ~ Cinematic Smartcase ~ Innovative iPhone Gadget

As a filmmakers to make all sorts of different videos, we’ve used all the high-end cameras. we absolutely love that we couldn’t stop wondering what about the high quality camera in our pockets. when we using a smartphone the body around that camera is designed for texting talking on the phone and playing angry birds and you can’t see what you’re shooting in bright light.

So Scott McDonald decided to do something about it and pretty soon they had themselves one of these and they made sure to shoot this entire film using the lumenaties CS1. Just like your iPhone in like you’re loading film you’ve created one of the most powerful and affordable cameras on the market. A positive trigger system never miss a shot hold and hold the film released to stop. with high quality interchangeable video lens you can use lumuinati lenses or use your own, add a microphone or a light on the included cold tube mount. Use the sport attachment to shoot incredible images on the move the CES 150 any standard tripod in with a real-time digital viewfinder you can see the shot in high ambient light no more squinting ever again. at the looks on the fly stickens the music and make a great edit right beside the lumenati app.

No matter where you decide to use the lumenati CS1, the lumenati app make sharing instantaneous press the button to upload and share your creations to Facebook, Twitter and more. Lumenati CS1 is currently compatible with the iPhone 6.  Lumenati CS1 ~ Cinematic Smartcase ~ Innovative iPhone Gadget ~ #lumenatics1


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