Top 10 iPhone 6 Apps you must have

Top 10 iPhone 6 Apps | Sleep cycle | FlightRadar 24 | Cam Scanner | RunPee | Wakey |  Be my Eyes | Procraster | Pocket | wonderlist | Safe Track

10. Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle iPhone app is perfect for those who have trouble moving themselves from slumber in the morning. the app uses your phone’s accelerometer to determine when to wake you up. You placed a phone in your bed and sleep cycle calculates when your sleeping pattern is at its widest using that information to wake you up. (Sleep cycle Alarm clock for iOS)

9. FlightRadar 24 (live flight tracker)

FlightRadar 24 is one of those abs which is just cool regardless of what you see you put a tip as with the plate reader 24 website which allows you to track air traffic in real time. the app gives you this functionality but also uses the Augmented Reality capability on the iPhone to allow you to point your phone’s camera any plane you see in the sky and receive information on where to come from where it’s going what type of aircraft that is and how long it’s been in the air. syria also has a limited version of this functionality but flight radar offer significantly more information for aviation nerds the world over.

8. Cam Scanner

with Cam scanner apps you need never use a desktop scanner again. this app takes a picture any document and converts them into high-quality PDF switch look like you’ve just run them off your computer the at even allows you to combine them into a singular PDF file meaning that important work in other documents in easily be sent in.

7. Be my eyes

The world of out for disabled people is fascinating and none more so then be my eyes. this iOS app allows blind people to request the help of a sighted person to redirect video call, decided helpers able to see and describe what the user showing them the iPhone’s camera system to overcome the problem it’s a fantastically simple solution for blind people who don’t want to require round-the-clock care.

6. Wakey

wakey is an alarm clock iphone app with the huge  difference instead of being woken by the standard iPhone alarm sounds you receive a real phone call from a random stranger they can be anywhere right across the world enforces your brain into gear quicker than just here in town the short interaction with another human being means that you’re more alert upon waking up.


lovers of task manager apps will go nuts for the procraster iphone mobile app which features a customizable timer to allow you to manage your workflow more efficiently. say you want to use the method have twenty-five minutes work with a five minute break the app allows you to set that and inter-specific reward for when you finish.
procraster iphone app tracks and categorizes past allowing you to set the most urgent and even upload them to your calendar to monitor your productivity.


this might seem like a silly one but for those with small bladders runPee iphone app could be a lifesaver. if you’re watching a movie and you need to run to the bathroom the app summarizes what happens during the time your way. it’s also good for those with time keeping problems. if you’re late for the film it’ll tell you what you’ve messed. RunPee can also help Marvel fans by telling them that there’s anything to wait around for after the credits and can even provide free reviews from other users.

3. Pocket

Pocket is a must have for any iPhone users. In a world where we are bombarded by hundreds of links every single day it can be impossible to track down and read all of the ones you thought were interesting that were pocket comes in. it has an option to your interactions menu allowing you to send the article or video link to the pocket app to read later it then collates them into easy to navigate lest meaning that you can pick up on those interesting links at a time convenient to you.

2. Wonderlist

If you keep your life organized in lists then wonder list is the perfect companion. whether it’s shopping list, to do list, your wish list you can put them all in one list and that be Stored. you can even set reminders and alerts for individual items meaning that you need never forget to buy washing up liquid ever again.

1. Safe Track

Safe Track is one of those most ingenious apps on iPhone and a must for anyone who regularly feels unsafe while traveling. at the beginning a few journey were at a time when you don’t feel safe simply activate the app and keep your thumb held down on the apps button. once you made it safe to your location you take your thumb off the button and enter your release. if you’re attacked or something untoward happens you would remove your thumb from the button and by not entering your code the Apple automatically contact the police and send them to your location at the moment the app is only available in the US and cost three dollar a month for the service but plans are in motion to treat other versions which work in other countries. Top 10 iPhone 6 Apps | Sleep cycle | FlightRadar 24 |
Cam Scanner | RunPee | Wakey |  Be my Eyes | Procraster | Pocket |
wonderlist | Safe Track


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