These 7 things are killing your heart

These seven things are killing your heart | Tips to Keep your heart Healthy

These seven things are killing your heart | Health tips Keep your heart Healthy, heart care, Cardiovascular disease

#Heartcare The heart, like any other organ of the body requires care and we often do not give it the attention as it deserves.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world and there are very harmful activities that are harmful to the heart, “bad habits that people should take care not to suffer in later years with coronary disease, heart disease and other diseases. “

Consider before making mistakes when thinking about your heart, if you want it to fulfill its function and has no health problems long term. The idea is that prevention may be the best way to help the heart. “When someone is diagnosed with cardiovascular disease expected that after treatment the heart will look like new, and it is unlikely. everything is in the heart is not curative and palliative“.

What are those seven things killing your Heart?

1. Smoking

“The consumption of snuff is absolutely related to cardiovascular disease and heart but not only cerebrovascular and peripheral vascular. Smoking helps to worsen atherosclerosis, clogged arteries, may predispose to have heart attacks, to clogged arteries. “

2. Bad eating habits

“People consume a high amount of fat, few vegetables and fruits, much salt”. A healthy diet helps a lot to heart.

3. Sedentary

“Although it shows that people are moving now more than before on the subject of exercise is the idea that people continue with these healthy habits, walking, jogging, swimming, all this serves the heart.”

4. Too much stress

“Stress is harmful to the heart because it releases substances that may end up damaging the cardiovascular system. Work is a source of stress for many, so it is advisable that people do active pauses and spaces have to relax a little and continue their work. “

5. Pollution

“People do not know the damage that pollution does to the heart, there is a high risk of cardiovascular disease in more polluted environments, then there is all the work on the contribution that he made to the environment.”

6. Sleep disturbances

“You have to rest well, sleep repairs and those with sleep disturbances may be related to cardiovascular disease.”

7. Neglecting teeth

“In the oral cavity, can be generated diseases that are associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended to follow good oral hygiene. “

Finally, the expert points out that in the medical history of each patient must check if there are family members who have suffered cardiovascular disease and whether families below 65 who have suffered heart attacks should make constant checks. “Now the doctor with all the necessary data and tests will draw the conclusion that that person whether or not an approach to heart disease.”

These seven things are killing your heart | Health tips Keep your heart Healthy


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