8 Giant Sculptures Out of waste woods

Amazing Sculptures of Trolls, giants, and even an evil wolf, etc…

Thomas Dumbo, Danish artist and designer in Copenhagen. Together with his team, Thomas makes a beautiful and fun projects from the “garbage” – recycled material, scrap wood and leftover construction materials which they find in the city’s dumpsters to fabricate fantastically gigantic sculptures. By creating these wonderful sculptures, they hope to amuse the people, that they are quite successful.

The artist’s overall intention is to inspire others to recycle discarded materials in a creative fashion.

A team of young talented artists engaged in decorate festivals, music concerts, children’s playgrounds and create a three-dimensional, fun and colorful sculptures that look great on city streets and in parks. The artists not only creating sculptures made of wood, but also has extensive experience with the creation of sculptures in other waste materials: plastic and even cardboard.

sculptures made of wood

amazing wood sculptures

Olav – the wolf – a sculpture for the rock festival, Copenhell, which
took place in 2015. Thomas and his team were asked to do evil staring
wolf as a symbol of the festival, and Olav was born.

Giant wolf Sculptures Out of waste wooden

Named in honor of a good friend of Thomas, who was in a group of
volunteers to help building the sculpture. Olav was made solely from waste
from local industries.

Giant wolf Sculptures Out of waste wooden

This Hector El Sculpture – Thomas Dambos contribution to the art festival Culebra Es Ley on Culebra Island in Puerto Rico. Hector was done in 5 days. Now Hector – permanent installation to protect the island from the visitors “with bad intentions in relation to the nature of the island.”

Thomas Dumbo wooden sculptures

Giant Troels The Troll sculpture, who is holding a swing for children to play on. The adorable goblin’s hair is composed of wild plants that were transferred from a local park.

Giant Troels The Troll sculpture with swing

Ben. Thomas and his team have done for the Northside Music Festival in Aarhus recently, in 2015. Ben pitched his 11 meter legs for people, so they can relax.

Artists Doing Amazing Things With Recycled Materials

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