Cyclotron – Futuristic bike with an unusual design – Revolutionary Spokeless Smart Bicycle

Cyclotron – Futuristic bike with an unusual design – Revolutionary Spokeless Smart Bicycle | cycling innovations – Cyclotron bike

On Kickstarter platform Cyclotron project is gaining popularity to create a futuristic bike with an unusual design.

Cyclotron - Futuristic bike - Light weight bicycle

Bicycle market is developing with unusual speed. More recently, a group of inventors introduced a unique of its kind bike, whose body is almost entirely built of carbon fiber.

Modern bikes are lighter and more efficient than ever before, yet their basic design has not changed for a long time. New Cyclotron bike is going to change this with a body made of carbon fiber and backlight.

Cyclotron - innovative bicycle

According to the developers, Cyclotron bicycle frame design reminiscent of a sandwich: the individual layers of carbon fiber are overlapped to form a very strong and rigid body, and the weight of the frame is small. In addition, as the creators say they have used the aerodynamic characteristics of light aircraft to design a bike Cyclotron.

All elements of the motor vehicle, such as switches, transmission chain and tucked inside the frame. Tubeless wheels have interesting design: they have spokes, and the rotation is transmitted to the external wheel shell and the inner part remains stationary and developers want to use this space for a basket, or other useful elements.

bicycle innovations 2016 - innovative bicycle designs

Available version Cyclotron bicycle with electric transmission, which produces a change of transmission in just 0.2 seconds. A variety of models allows you to choose either a 12-speed gearbox or 18-speed.

Cyclotron equipped with futuristic lighting, which is activated automatically when it gets dark. Power lights and transmission is carried out from the battery capacity is enough for 8 hours of use.

It is worth noting that the creators Cyclotron developed app companion for smartphones, which will show the usage statistics and allows switching speed of the bicycle via a smartphone. Special mention deserves the integrated GPS module that is in synchronization with a smartphone opens some additional features, as well as allow you to track the location of your bicycle.

The design of the bike allows you to turn it into a bike with a sidecar in which you can put two children. At the same time it will be a three-wheeled bicycle.

Revolutionary Spokeless Smart , Hubless Smart Bicycle

At the moment, developers collect funds on Kickstarter platform to start industrial production of Cyclotron bicycle. Deliveries are to begin in the summer of 2017.

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