Multi-functional ladle – Spoon that twists into a ladle – Dreamfarm’s Spadle

Multi-functional ladle – Spoon that twists into a ladle – Dreamfarm’s Spadle | Innovative Spoon Ladle | Innovation Products – 

Slotted spoon that turns into a straining ladle and pasta server. it is ideal for scooping and shallow frying

Multi-functional ladle - spadle - twist, turn spoon, innovative product for kitchen use, space saving

One can argue that anyone in the kitchen there is a ladle for soups, paddle for frying pans, measuring cup and scraper plates – too many things, all of which occupy a significant space in the drawers and hooks at the stove. Multifunctional ladle Dreamfarm Spadle not only has a stylish look, but also very successfully combined all of these devices in a unified and efficient design.

Spadle- spoon twist ladle demo picture image

versatile spoon that twists into a ladle

The secret lies in Dreamfarm Spadle combination comfortable handle, which can take different positions thanks to the 2 articulations at once, located on an S-shaped arc, as well as in the form of elaborate bucket, which has absorbed the functions directly measuring cup, ladle and the scraper.

scooping ladle spoon -spadle innovative products

Rotate Dreamfarm Spadle at different angles, you can get as roomy ladle and spatula for cooking stews. And thanks to a soft silicone nozzle at the tip of the bucket, the device can even be used with the dishes, the surface of which is covered with a sensitive non-stick coating.

In addition, this multi-scoop very well washed from the remnants of food, and at the end of the handle has a small hole for mounting on a hook.

Spadle demo in 22 seconds Video:

 Multi-functional ladle - Spoon that twists into a ladle - Dreamfarm's Spadle

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