DIY: Decorate the house on Valentine’s Day with garland of hearts

valentine’s day decorations diy: Decorate your house on Valentine’s Day with garland of hearts..

This Kids crafts for Valentine’s Day will make your home the most beautiful place on earth.

Beautiful Craft for Valentine’s Day – One of the most beautiful, simple and original idea with garland of hearts.
valentine's day decorations diy - heart party decorations, Paper heart garland decor
Required materials:

    thick colored paper
    pink satin ribbon

Valentine’s Day Paper garland of hearts:

Step 1. Use a ruler and pencil to measure the paper. Then cut it into strips.
valentine decorations ideas
Step 2. Take one strip and fold it to give it a heart shape. The free ends need to be stapled (you can use glue if desired).

Step 3: Finished heart should be interconnected by a pink ribbon along the edges of it to hang on the window / cabinet / door.

valentine's day decorations diy with paper craft idea


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