Healthy Eating: 5 Most Inflammatory Foods you Eat everyday that cause Inflammation & Disease

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The five most inflammatory foods that were eating regularly that could be contributing to our disease and what are some great alternatives to have instead. (Inflammation-Causing Foods to Avoid)

  Inflammation-Causing Foods to Avoid

1. Processed Foods:

The first, I mean there are obviously the typical processed foods, any packaged foods, food additives synthetic ingredients like that everybody already knows that but I want to talk more in specific about a lot of foods that are within foods that we eat are things that we think are healthy that might be contributing to inflammation in the body.

so the first number one inflammatory food are ‘bad fats’ they are in a lot of foods that we most people don’t even realize they’re eating bad fats because they’ve been touted as being healthy for you. Bad fats mean overly processed heavily heated often rancid fats that are from GMO derived oils such as any margarine or any of butter substitute is really unhealthy for you very toxic and an unnatural man-made fat and should be avoided.

canola oil, salt flour oil, soy oil, corn oil any of those of GMO derived plant oils are often a heavily processed and heated to temperatures that actually make the oils unstable and their left on shelves for a really long time often rancid by the time you get them and they’re just really not what you should be consuming if you want to minimize inflammation in your body you want to heal you want to feed your body what it really needs.


so great alternatives to that our coconut oil extra virgin organic is of course always better. less pesticide residues and things like that or you want to do the extra virgin olive oil these are both heavy anti-inflammatory oils they’re really great for the system they are wonderful they contain like phytonutrients that are really good for you healthy fats to cleanse the liver like coconut oil is antibacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral it’s great for regulating digestion. I mean it boost the metabolism by 25% after you consume it. it can replace butter or margarine in all the baked goods and you really can’t tell the difference it’s delicious so those are great oil to have instead.

2. Sugar:

The most inflammatory food most of you know is sugar and all sugar related substances. Anything ending in ‘ose’ high fructose, corn syrup, glucose, synthetic fructose derived ingredients, there’s a lot of a corn syrups anything with Maltodextrin any of those things there, they’re like sugar derived foods and they’re often from sugar beads or GMO corn or different genetically modified plants you really don’t want to be consuming those. they’re really hard on the pancreas they may increase fat storage in the body they’re very toxic and there have been strong links to a lot of diseases with high sugar concentrations, heart diseases are really often have a huge link with high sugar consumption in a diet.

Sugar Alternatives:
If you want a natural sweetener things  I would suggest going for raw honey’s, nucca honey which has medicinal properties you can always use maple syrup it’s less synthetic as you know it’s less process so it’s a very natural sugar still contain some minerals, there is coco palm sugar which is really rich in B vitamins and it’s a little less processed sugar, there’s date sugar which is very alkaline so that can be a great sweetener as well.

3. Dairy products:

The third food I wanted to mention something that we eat quite a bit is actually Dairy. lot of people think that I mean the dairy industry works really hard to convince us that there is really high in calcium and it’s great for your body that helps build bones and all of that is a little bit of a misconception. Dairy is if there’s any food that you should avoid of all of the list dairy would probably be one of the top ones and the reason for is it’s very very inflammatory.

Dairy produces a lot of mucus within the body even for people that are lactose intolerant it’s a very congesting type of substance, it increases constipation, it feeds pathogenic overgrowth in the intestines, it contributes to mucoid plaque which is like a fermentation and encrusted fecal matter in the colon which really makes a friendly hospitable environment for things like parasites, worms and all those things that you really don’t want inside your body.

Dairy alternatives:
Great alternative to dairy if you’re still into creamy foods and you really want something similar is to go for like raw organic sprouted nut milks, this could be have with granola, almond milk, cashew milk, walnut milk, coconut milk a bunch of really great alternatives. if you want some creamy foods you can always do avocado. you can mash avocado on your pasta with garlic, it tastes just like alfredo sauce. its really a lot less inflammatory for you so.

4. Conventional Meet:

 The fourth food that I wanted to talk about that’s not really that great for you is conventional meet now that’s not to say I’m not doubting raw veganism here. I understand that meat consumption can play a role in a healthy diet but that definitely does not include conventional meet that contains antibiotics and where the animals are inhumanely treated are kept in unsanitary conditions they are slaughtered and inhuman ways that produces a lot of fear in the animals so adrenaline out into their tissues, they are in very small in cage environments where they’re not really given enough space for sanitation and so there are a lot of bacterial problems and fungal problems and parasitic problems amongst the meat that we’re eating plus it’s often been dyed and then there’s no problems with potential meat glue and all these things that’s really not the ideal thing to be eating. conventional meet also contains a lot of genetically modified by products from the the very fatty grain-based GMO feed that they’re given and all of this contributes a very toxic internal environment and you want to avoid it as much as possible.

Conventional Meet alternatives:

If you are going to go, go for wild game do the grass-fed meats meat for animals are free-range eggs these things are a lot more natural, higher omega-3 content, there’s a lot of plant-based nutrients if the the animal was eating a plant-based diet which cows are supposed to be eating.

5. Alcohol:

The fifth thing I wanted to talk about is something you are all going to hate me for, alcohol is the fifth thing you should avoid. nothing I admit nothing is better than having a delicious crisp lots of wine with a tasty meal but that is the gluttons and not what our bodies and cells really need.
alcohol when it’s metabolized produces byproducts that are extremely toxic for the body they damaged a beneficial bacteria in your gut paving the way for pathogenic over grows and diseases and got imbalances, it definitely the overburden those byproducts overburden the liver which already works really hard,  it’s very hard on the pancreas causes digestive abnormalities, it causes fermentation in the gut which causes gas and irritation and no cell in your body that doesn’t feel the toxic effects of alcohol so it really should be avoided.


A great alternatives to alcohol if you’re going to bring your own wine dinner and you want something it’s tasty you can always go buy yourself a bottle of you know. I by myself the mint chlorophyll and you know it’s bubbly and it’s delicious and you can’t even tell that it isn’t wine.

5 Most dangerous Inflammatory Foods that we eat everyday which cause inflammation and disease, Healthy Eating Tips, Healthy Foods, Health Tips, inflammatory foods chart, anti inflammatory foods as alternatives, Inflammatory Foods to Avoid, Nutrition and Dietetics diet, Inflammation-Causing Foods to Avoid


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