How to protect yourself from Nuclear Blast?

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How to protect ourself from nuclear blast

How can you survive a nuclear blast -What should you do if a nuclear blast happen near you?

the idea of a nuclear war is pretty intense and not something that very
many people on this earth have ever had to experience. we want to put
together a list of things that you can do to prepare and to be prepared
if it should ever happen.

Emergency supply kit:

the first thing you have to think about is an emergency supply kit so first of all you want to think do you have water ready? do you have non-perishable food items that can last you and you also want to think about things like batteries so when a nuclear bomb goes off that gives off an EMP or an electromagnetic pulse which can disable things like your cell phone cell towers computers so if you’re not going to have access to communications but things like battery-powered radios are going to become really important so you can find out information here other people at what’s going on in the world and batteries ultimately to power any devices are going to be really important since most communications and electronics are going to be gone and even though the distance of an electromagnetic pulse is not definitive experts estimate up to thousands of miles away your electronic devices can be affected.


The next thing you need to worry about a shelter until there’s a difference between a blast shelter and a follower chapter for the blast what you’re going to do is get as much concrete in between you and the explosion of possible. so if you’re in a house getting the basement if you’re in a high-rise get to the middle of the building away from windows when it comes to follow you don’t have to have a specific shelter but want to have a thick roof and thick-walled you’re in a home you want to blockade all the windows because that’s the way that follow could actually get into your house you’re going to be two weeks of food and water because that’s how long it’s going to take the radioactive material to decay. so you’re gonna be hanging out in your shelter for two weeks and after that you can come back outside and see what’s happened to the world.

Brace yourself:

But let’s say you’re outside when the blast first goes off chances are you might still have some time to get in a better situation so when the bomb goes off the blast traveled the first mile and five seconds in the Second Mile the next five seconds and so on so if you see a flash or know the blast is coming the best thing you can do is get on the ground face down and put your hands behind your head and brace yourself kids in school during the Cold War because they thought that at any moment a nuclear weapon could go off so if they saw the flash or felt the blast the role was to get under the desk face down hands over head and brace.

Don’t look at the blast:

we are all very curious people but it’s for your own safety that you do not look at the blast even if you’re observing the blast just in your periphery it can cause temporary flash blindness and this can be a really big issue when you’re trying to figure out how to find shelter if you look directly at the blast you can have macular retinal scarring you can also decrease your vision in the future.

Remove all your clothing, shower, don’t use conditioner :

you can get indoors you want to remove all your clothing because this can stop the radioactive material from spreading and move up to ninety percent of it off of your body and then you want to shower you want to gently blow your nose wipe your face down be careful not to scratch yourself and you can use shampoo but don’t use conditioner as it bonds of radioactive material and makes it harder to move off your body if you can shower at all the best thing you can do is just take a warm wet cloth and gently wipe yourself down.

Find a shelter in 30 minutes:

you always need to think about whether or not you’re in the best place you can be. A new mathematical study of nuclear fire found that after blast you have half an hour to find the best shelter so if you’re stuck in a shelter. If you know someone who has a better shelter you can get there in under 30 minutes you need to head there immediately.

Find medical attention if you need:

Finally if you need medical attention try and find it because it can be the difference of life and death but also you have to be pretty realistic in this situation because there’s no international or federal standard on how to help a lot of casualties have been affected by radioactive destruction so ultimately people get put into groups those who are expected to live and those who are expected to die this is a horrible situation to be in but hopefully these tips will help you if you ever find yourself in need of.

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