5 Innovative Shoes Inventions YOU MUST SEE!

5 Stunning Shoes Inventions YOU Need To See [5 Futuristic SHOES That Will Blow Your Mind]

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5 Extraordinary Shoes Inventions YOU Need To Know

5 CRAZY Shoe Inventions YOU MUST SEE!

05 Power Laces Shoes: http://www.powerlace.com/en/
04 Night Runner: http://goo.gl/pHoq1w
03 Shooz: http://goo.gl/PO9Dll
02 Zubits http://goo.gl/YQi7YR https://zubits.com/
01 BASE: http://goo.gl/ZBnpPN

Everyday objects of our lives are

constantly evolving phones have become

handheld, computers, cars are smarter and

cleaner watches it turned into personal

assistants but what about our shoes we

spent most of our lives wearing them but

besides fashion designs they have seen

little evolution in the last few decades

we bend over to tie them to untie them

they come undone they get stuck in our

bike chain we leave the laces tied all

the time and damaged our shoes sure we

have Velcro shoes and zippers but you

still have to bend over and they don’t

fit nearly as firmly as good old laces

and power lace we wanted to figure out a

way to create shoes that fit firmly and

comfortably without ever having to lace

or unless that we decided to think

differently and we found a solution we

are proud to introduce that p1 our new

auto lacing system allows for efficient

hands-free shoelace time the first time

you wear them slide your foot in adjust

the tension once and you’re set

you’ll never have to bend over again to

take off the shoes use your other foot

to press down on the back lever it’s

that simple

nice product it’s very streamline not


I’ve been sold a lot of companies and

big bulky souls catalase on any product

definite advantage be working in the sea

for 25 years into pairs of killer is

broken power lace shoes will simplify

tasks of everyday life allowing you to

take advantage of a snug shoe fit while

on the go

in my 15 years in the footwear industry

and never seen such a innovation they

are comfortable they are very stable too

so I think it’s amazing

our shoes are made of the very best

materials and combine proven shoe design

with our innovative technology we have

working prototypes and have met with

manufacturers we are ready to start


our very first men shoe the p1 will soon

be available in many different colors

help us make auto lacing shoes a reality

pre-order your pair today and become a

power laser

really started out on the streets one

night I was running down a path that run

down a thousand times and knew that

there are potholes in front of me I

couldn’t see him and I was worried about

the cars that were surrounding me and

that’s really when the idea hit me that

I needed any headlights for my sneakers

with the night runners you really have

this low trajectory that gives you both

the short-term benefit of seeing what’s

in front of you but the long-term

benefit of seeing what’s ahead they’re

easy to turn on a very easy to use their

lightweight you don’t feel a thing

the whole design mantra throughout this

process was the lightest brightest and

longest just in your zone running by

yourself at night you have those lights

you have yourself you have your music

just get lost you just go and it just

feels like it part of your shoe

it helps you see and not fall it’s a

great idea they are fantastic so you can

see any obstacle any installation you

can really just stay in your head you’re

not worried that you’re gonna trip you

can just experienced the run

we’re introducing a new concept of

modular shoot skin plus soul makes shoes

ok so how does it work connect the skins

of the soul and zip them together first

you can customize it choose the soul the

urban the running and the drive then

choose the skin Goza the running media

the wingtip casino slip-on and speaking

of the laser have fun and create your

shoes make casual make it 44 make it

clock second save space especially when

your top no more jumping on your leg is

trying to state your extra shoes wear a

pair and carry your skin flats and your

skin pack to fit easily anybody saving

you a lot of space and a lot of weight

perfect for backpackers are you tired

after a long day of walking take up your

slip on the casino skins come on and

relax for your leisure troubles make it

a sporty chic combination with a running

soul and a race of skin or comfy and

classy with a dr soul and a slip-on skin

or with the wheel skin you look sharper

than ever

for your daily adventures after a day in

the office take out the course of skins

lift them on and start your running

sessions and if you’re biking home at

night if on reflective skin glowing in

the dark for a much safer trip third

construction details shoes are designed

and made in italy at exactly the same

quality and best italian dressing using

top-of-the-line materials from across

the world such as waterproof faculty

diversion y kk japan patented anti-shock

economic foam insoles insane footstep

protection super flexible and durable

souls best italian leather and bio

congress 4th advantage is your money

saving once you’ve got your first

all-star training shoes find skins and

half the price of a horseshoe have to

after price as the increase your

collection and decrease your cost per


last but not least reduce your carbon


according to research tools

manufacturing generate the largest

carbon footprint in the shoes lifecycle

sharing one shoe with different skins we

have a solution to reduce the number of

souls produce

hi I’m Ryan and Valerie thanks for

checking out we all of our shoes but the

laces present some challenges

there’s the time the squeezing the

floppy bows the coming undone

the double naughty

and the untying to get them off

well with your support we think stupid

can help students are small yet powerful

magnetic it’s that you attach to your

own shoelaces making your shoes very

easy to run so how do you really want to

put your shoes on

wouldn’t it be great if there were no

laces at all

I mean nothing to get in the way well

this is what students are like when

separated of its eliminate three rows of

places so there’s a huge mouth opening

to easily slide in

then just connect the magnets

and that’s it

now go for a run

the playground

go to the gym

play some basketball

zubaz hold securely for most

recreational activities

but students are not just for athletic

sneakers therefore your everyday casual


with suits you have a clean looking shoe

no ugly bows and they’ll never come


how do you really want to take your

shoes off let’s face it most of us do

what we are not supposed to do we step

on our heel and squeeze out of our shoes

this wears down the yield and leaves you

with a knot to untie later but was uber

it’s stepping out of your shoes becomes

the right way to do it

the magnets will split as you step out

and now your shoe is open and ready for

the next time you want to slip in suits

are not ordinary magnets they’ve been

specially engineered to concentrate the

magnetic forces toward the face of the


this gives them incredible holding

forces in a small size

this also means there’s almost no

magnetism on the outside of the zoo bits

where you don’t want it

that we we make custom 3d printed by on

a year that you captured from a

smartphone we chose to do a custom

insoles first because we believe every

step you take is untapped energy

untapped potential we wanted to combine

the best of both worlds the

affordability and accessibility of

over-the-counter insoles and the

biomechanics benefit of a custom

orthotic that’s why we started this

company we realized we could solve a

universal problem eight and ten people

experience foot pain at some point in

their lives throughout the day your

arches gonna go unsupported and why that

matters is the muscles are actually

going to collapse and that leads to foot

fatigue what we do is we offer custom

arch support which is going to lessen

that foot fatigue and you can’t get that

off the shelf because every arch is

completely different left-to-right

person-to-person customization engine

that we’ve built really it’s allowing

the the use of a pervasive platform

today which is a mobile phone allows us

to take data about the human body from a

phone that everyone has an hour so that

secret all that magic of taking that

data turning that into geometry and

manufacturing it is really the the click

on a magical leaf there’s a range of

different 3d printing approaches what we

use is something called sls selective

laser sintering roller spreads of fine

layer of powder into a really flat layer

and then it’s passed over with a laser

selectively you can see it melting the

layers of plastic in a slice of the

three-dimensional object until you end

up with a 3d object embedded in a block

of powder that you learn in to resume

ultimate goal is to add 10 active years

to people’s lives and that’s predicated

on people being able to be active that

starts the feet we know the pursuit

we’re taking on is not easy to build

software a adaptive manufacturing

platform and a physical product you just

have to have that much more

believe in why this is important you

know for us these words keep going

represent a culture and a lifestyle we

want all our customers to embrace get

out there live enjoy the world and when

you’re done something you’re proud of

then keep going.

5 Extraordinary Shoes Inventions YOU Need To Know, concept shoe design, concept footwear, creative recreation shoes, innovative ideas for shoes
amazing future shoes, Futuristic Shoes, 5 Futuristic SHOES That Will Blow Your Mind, Fantastic Footwear Innovation, Power Laces Shoes, Night Runner shoes, Shooz concept, Zubits, BASE shoe, Advanced Concepts Footwear Design


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