7 Innovative Products for Pregnant Women and New Mom

7 Innovative Products Review for Pregnant mothers and New Mom | Best gadgets for new moms | gadgets for pregnant Women, Newborn, Daddy..

Pocket Nanny:   


Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Green for new born baby care

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny is an on-the-go device that helps sleep deprived parents remember baby care details. A super accessory that helps moms of newborns, this device has a timer and alarm to record and remember the nursing, diaper changes, naps, Soft glow nightlight to illuminate the dark room and a backlight that helps to see the times in the dark
. (Check Price here)


Itzbeen Pocket Nanny for nursing mother

Belly Buds:


 bellybuds listen music with womb, gadget for pregnant women

Who would not love to be listening to the baby’s heart while inside the belly? You put the stickers on your belly and connect on your cell phone. BellyBuds baby-bump speakers allow you to
safely play music and messages from loved ones directly to the womb from
your iOS, Android or any standard audio device.


Belly Buds

Spout Adapter for Water Bottles:


spout adaptor for water bottles, innovative product for kids toddlers

Stop carrying around multiple baby bottles while traveling. Simply turn a regular water bottle into a toddler bottle!  You can quickly turn any water bottle into a little cup for child use.  Fits most U.S. manufactured disposable water bottles and comes with travel cap to keep spout clean.
(Check Price here)


Spout Adapter for Water Bottles

Children’s Shoe Sizer :


Children's Shoe Sizer buy online with size details, gadgets for parents Innovative Products

Squatchi – Always know the size of your child’s footwear (Only for USA use). I think it’s cool because we do not always know the size of children’s feet, which grow quickly. And also sometimes we can not take the kids to the shops to try. It makes buying shoes online easy and accurate. You can use this for ages 1-12.

(Check price here )


Children's Shoe Sizer

The next 3 items are expensive, but very interesting!

Baby Brezza – Formula Pro (Feeding bottle preparer):


Baby Brezza Formula Pro, Feeding bottle preparer, auto feeding bottle maker, gadgets for new mom

Introducing Baby Brezza Formula Pro, the revolutionary new way of preparing your baby’s formula bottles. This I thought was great! A device that prepares baby feeding bottles of powdered milk. You put the formula in one compartment and water in another, it marks the measurement of the bottles. It dispenses powder and water, mixes formula powder and water to perfect consistency without air bubbles
and heats water to 98 degrees, the optimal temperature for feeding baby! (Check Price here)


Baby Brezza - Formula Pro (Feeding bottle preparer)

Diaper Changing Scale:


Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad BabyApp, smart gadget for new born baby parents nursing reminder

Especially when newborns are concerned, weight gain is common. I love this product! The Hatch Baby Grow is a scale and also a diaper changer sends the information to application on the cell phone. It tracks your baby’s weight gain between doctor visits, Measure how much your baby is drinking at every feeding. Syncing automatically to the highly rated Hatch Baby App (easily record nursing sessions, sleep, pumping amounts, and more)

(Check Price here)


Hatch Baby Diaper Changing Scale

Fever Thermometer in the Cell Phone:


Fever Scout baby health monitor app for parents Innovative Products for Pregnant mothers and New Mom, baby care products for newborn

The Fever Scout is a very comfortable product to put in the child’s armpit and measure the fever, continuously monitor child when they’re feeling sick or ill. Smart thermometer alerts you when fever spikes as it continuously monitor temperature through your mobile device (temperature appears in the phone application). Easily share information with your doctor, record symptoms, medication and cause. Whether you’re in another room or city be able to remotely monitor their temperature anywhere. (Check Price here )

Fever Scout Fever Thermometer in the Cell Phone

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