Flesby II: New Dent-proof Car with Rubbery External Air Bags

The bizarre car with airbags on the OUTSIDE.. Japanese manufacturing firm Toyoda Gosei showed off a new dent-proof car, Flesby II

Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Flesby II concept has airbags outside the car, The body panels of the Flesby II ultra-compact vehicle are covered by a soft, next-generation rubber, current and future cars, auto shows
Flesby II concept car seen with coated air bags outside the body. Flesby
II at the Tokyo Motor Show automotive exhibition. PHOTO SOURCES FROM

TOKYO: Japanese manufacturing company, Toyoda Gosei prepares to launch the car with outer air bag. This new concept is like a ‘rubber shield’ that protects the car from impact. At the Tokyo Motor Show exhibition, Toyoda Gosei showcased Flesby II. This car is wrapped in an outer wavy air bag, which is designed to cover the entire body of the vehicle.

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Toyoda Gosei unveils dent-proof ‘airbag car’ Flesby II with external airbags at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Awareness Video: Road accidents Caught on camera

According to Toyoda Gosei, their design uses rubber shape shift with power supply. This is to protect the exterior from impact or collision. Their concept car proved to attract the visitors of the exhibition.

As quoted by Dailymail, Flesby II, the entire body is covered with the latest generation of soft rubber. It is able to absorb impacts caused by collisions. “Airbags are usually installed in the car. But we put it on the outside. To protect the entire body, “said Takashi Ishikawa, officer manager of Toyoda Gosei Co.

interior of the Flesby II car is also coated with soft rubber to withstand the impact
The interior of the Flesby II car is also coated with soft rubber to withstand the impact. PHOTO SOURCES FROM DAILYMAIL

Toyoda Gosei, a manufacturer of automotive parts and plastics and rubber, said the Flesby II concept could be produced commercially by 2030. They have been serious about starting the project since 2013.

“For the lights, our LED lights are also projected onto the rubber that allows the driver to communicate with pedestrians and other vehicles, It has LED lights inside the soft texture of its exterior”  continued Takashi Ishikawa. “If there is contact with pedestrians, this soft shield works to reduce the impact of a collision,” he said.

With the air bag on the outside, the goal offers a safer concept of driving. Both for motorists and pedestrians, by absorbing impacts and minimizing damage.

The Fleshby II might be the weirdest concept at this year’s Tokyo motor show..


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