10 DIY Home Decor Ideas for Parties and New Year

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10 DIY Home Decor Ideas for Parties and New Year

Your home reflects your personality and choices. If you like living in well decorated space and wish your house to look a designer one; you can do it yourself with these DIY home decor ideas. These ideas will change your house from boring to colorful and decorative that also without burning hole in your pockets. Here are some easy and cheap DIY home decor ideas for you to try out this party season and give your house a customized look this Christmas and New Year.

1. Reuse Glass Bottle Fairy Lights


Reuse Glass Bottle Fairy Lights Home Decor Ideas for Parties and New Year

Fairy lights give your home a colorful and dreamy look. This light is wonderful party poppers and also enhances the look of your home. All you need for making glass bottle fairy lights is Empty wine and whisky bottles or colorful glass bottles and white or yellow fairy lights of your choice. Insert the fairy lights in the bottles and switch it on for getting that dreamy cozy feel around the room.

2. Woolen Pompom Wall Frame


Woolen Pompom Wall Frame Cheap Classy homemade new year's eve decorations

Woolen pompom frames look colorful and adds a pretty charm to the walls. It’s a cheap and easy way to decorate your walls. All you need is a wooden ply, water-color, glue/fevicol, multi colored woolen balls. Use this pompom frames to decorate the walls of living room or bedroom.

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DIY Pom Pom Rug with woolen threads - Easy & Creative | Awesome DIY Home Decor Ideas

3. Washi Tape Wall Art


Washi Tape Wall Art Interior & Home Design

Washi tape wall art is a perfect solution to hide the dark rough patches or to hide those damp blocks on the walls. This DIY will add colors and design to the walls and will look like a wall paper. To make your own wallpapers all you need is washi tape, pair of scissors, scale and pencil/highlighter. Cut the tapes into long stripes as required sizes marked on the walls and stick it on the pattern drawn. Use as many colors as your wish to keeping in mind that those colors go well with the paint of your wall. Always try making geometrical patterns like triangles and squares, making it easy to cut and stick the tapes on the required shapes. Place sofa with lots of handcrafted cushion covers to give it a complete decor look. Your house is ready with a perfect party decor that you always wanted.

4. Photo Frame Key Holder


Photo Frame Key Holder

Photo frame key holder is a quirky wall art that will add style to the walls. Let’s make the dull looking key hooks into nice colorful and stylish wall frame. All you need is an old photo frame, some washi tapes for decorating the edges. Decorate the edges of wall frame and hang it over the key hooks. This will give a new look to the walls and a style statement to the decor.

5. Hand-painted Decorative Spoon Mirror


Hand-painted Decorative Spoon Mirror, Best out of waste decor ideas

This DIY is an after party one. Never thought that left over spoons can do wonders!!! For this decorative mirror, you need plastic spoons, glue gun, scissors, black tape, cardboard, highlighter and the color you want. Follow the steps given in picture and get your own personalized mirror.


6. Ceramic Plate Wall Decor


Ceramic Plate Wall Decor, Best out of waste decor ideas

What would you do with those dinner sets lying aside from many years or the unused plates? Are waiting for the Queen to visit? Instead of keeping all your blue pottery hidden away inside a cabinet, use them to liven up your dining room walls. With the help of peel-and-stick disk hangers or wire plate hangers you can put up plates or dishes in whatever pattern you want on the wall. These plates will give the walls of living room a decorative and attractive look.

7. Tin Can Planter


Tin Can Planter, Cheap Classy homemade new year's eve decorations, Table decor ideas

Reuse the canned food tins and make pretty looking planters out of them. For making colorful planters you need name stickers, empty tins or cans, multi color sticky papers or spray paints, chalk or sketch pen. Color the tins with spray paints or use colorful sticky papers. Write the names of the plants you wish to grow on the name stickers and your DIY tin can planters are ready to use. Decorate your living rooms and balcony with these tin can planters and get complimented for your spectacular arty side.

8. Glittery Wine Glasses


Glittery Wine Glasses , new year party , birthday party decoration

Party means lots of fun with lots of people, so how will you know which glass is yours? All that glitters is gold with this decorative solution. Show your artistic side and make your plain wine glasses to quirky glitter glasses. For this you will need transparent glue and colorful glitters as per your glasses. Apply transparent glue on the bottom rim of the glass and sprinkle glitter on it. Let it dry and your glittery wine glasses are ready to be used in party.

Note* Use different color glitter for each glass, it will make easy for distinguishing.


Glittery Wine Glasses for new year festive decor


9. Birthday Caps Party Decorations


Birthday Caps Party Decorations

Birthday cap DIY is one outstanding idea for decorating the corner walls and window space. These hangings will look unique and colorful. Things you need for making these hangings are birthday party caps, colorful paper strips to fill in the caps, pair of scissors and fairy lights. Hang the birthday caps in a row on the fairy light. Fill in the empty spaces of the caps with colorful paper strips and your personalized party decoration is ready to flaunt.

10. Bubble Gift Wrap & Tags


Bubble Gift Wrap & Tags, Gift wrapping tips tricks for new year gift, christmas gift

If there’s party, gifts are must. Bubble gift wraps and tags look unique and can be made at home without taking many efforts. They look classy and different; get rid of those shiny gift wraps with these new style bubble gift wraps. For making bubble gift papers and tags you will need; colors of your choice, bowl of water, water colors, straw, detergent liquid and plain gift paper / chart paper. Add color to the bowl of water mix well, then add detergent liquid and stir. With the help of a straw blow in the water bowl till the bubbles rise up. Slowly roll the gift/ chart paper on the bubble and let it stick on it. Let the bubbles burst and the color dry, your gift wrap is ready to use. Follow the same process with name tags.
DIY Bubble Wrap Printed Wrapping Paper ..


DIY Bubble Wrap Printed Wrapping Paper, 10 DIY Home Decor Ideas for Parties and New Year

I hope these easy Home Decor DIY ideas will give your home a complete makeover and you will flaunt the arty side of your to friends and family. Enjoy the beautiful season of vacation and have a great New Year ahead. Merry Christmas!!!


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