100 Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls

Christmas list ideas for Teenage girl: 100 Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls (These can also be unisex as well)

This Christmas Gift Guide will help you give someone exactly what they want this year! You can also add these to your Christmas Wishlist!


 100 Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls
hey, what’s up guys.. I am Tasha and today I am going to give you 100 Christmas gift ideas. when I made this list I kind of realized that this list is more so for girls. well there are quite a few unisex items on this list so it really doesn’t matter who you get them for.

I have hundreds of Christmas gift ideas on this list for every price range, perfect for stocking stuffers.
100 Christmas gift ideas for girl friends.

Christmas gift idea – Christmas presents for teenage friends

Christmas Gift Ideas 1 – 30:

1) A Polaroid camera
2) Polaroid film: Of course, with the Polaroid camera you’re going to need some Polaroid film
3) Polaroid camera carrying case
4) KYLIE lip kits
5) KYLIE COSMETICS: anything else from highly cosmetics like kaya shadows.
6) Amusement park tickets for christmas or New year holiday, like to Great America Disneyland and I really want to go to Universal Studios so that I can go to Harry Potter world.
7) Thigh-high boots: they are so trendy right now
8) iPad or any other type of Tablet
9) A virtual reality headset
10) A pair of really nice sneakers
11) A onesie I have a Rudolph onesie and it’s so cute and comfy
12) Brianna first slides from Puma
13) A pair of pajamas and I have the onesie from Victoria’s Secret
14) A nice pair of Fuzzy socks
15) Bath and Bodyworks candles or any candle brand
16) A pair of slippers
17) Perfume or cologne: some really nice perfume or cologne this is Marc Jacobs honey and Elizabeth and James Nirvana bourbon
18) A purse and I have a crusty shake from The Simpsons purse
19) Jewelry
20) A leather jacket
21) A watch so they can always be on time
22) A dad hat. the embroidered ones are super cute
23) A scarf for those nice chilly days
24) Blow dryers: One of those expensive blow dryers that no one would have ever buy for themselves
25) A flat iron
26) A curling wand set that has multiple barrels
27) Expensive skincare items
28) A gift card to Sephora
29) A game for the entire family to play
30) Pitty board

Christmas Gift Ideas 31 – 60:

31) Longboard
32) Hoverboard
33) Really cool remote-control car
34) New cellphone. we all need one of these right.
35) Athletic gear / workout clothes
36) A new comforter set
37) A nail polish rack
38) A custom neon sign
39) Bath bombs
40) Band merge: Merge from their favorite band or musician
41) A really cool cell phone case
42) A hardshell laptop case or one of a soft laptop case
43) Room decor items
44) Adult coloring books
45) High-end colored pencils for those adult coloring books
46) Customized mugs
47) Calendars
48) Expensive art supplies
49) Record player
50) Vinyl records for that record player
51) Concert tickets for their favorite band or musician. This is my fiancee roll tour cos
52) Throw blankets: really fluffy throw blankets
53) CDs
54) iTunes gift card because no one buys CDs anymore
55) Cassette tapes because yes those are back now
56) A cassette tape player to play your new cassettes because who still has those anymore?
57) An iPod
58) Books, because people need to read more nowadays
59) Tapestry to hang on your wall
60) Pretzel maker

Christmas Gift Ideas 61 – 90:

61) A Donut Baker as you can see your girl likes to eat
62) Hair bows, my little cousin loves these.
63) Candy lollipops, I love them so much.
64) Posters
65) Video games, I mean who doesn’t love a good video game
66) Movies
67) Movie Props and/or costumes that were used in their favorite movies. yes you can buy these online
68) A subscription box membership and I would like a food one for myself because as I said your girl likes to eat
69) A terrarium
70) A terrarium kit so they can put it together themselves.
71) Jewelry organizer
72) Sunglasses to block off those haters
73) Gloves / mittens
74) Winter coats because it’s going to get cold unless you’re like me and live in California 75) instruments like you Glalie a guitar a keyboard
76) Nail polish so your nails can always be on fleek
77) makeup storage like a big case or even a makeup bag and
78) Ulta gift card
79) Gym membership: but make sure they know that it’s not because you think they need to lose weight
80) Fitbit
81) Pom-pom keychains: one of these super trendy fluffy pom-pom keychains.
82) Netflix membership gift card
83) A complete set of their favorite TV series on DVD or blu-ray
84) A Starbucks gift card
85) A Victoria’s Secret gift card (VS gift Card)
86) A light box
87) Marquee lights
88) A journal slash diary
89) A full-body mirror so you can see your entire outfit
90) Play Tickets: Gator slash musical tickets

And, Christmas Gift Ideas 91 – 100:

91) A brand spankin new TV

92) A blu-ray player

93) A portable phone charger

94) A fanny pack

95) Celebrity meet & greet tickets

96) A pet, but make sure they are ready for the responsibilities of a pet so maybe start them off like a betta fish instead of a dog.

97) A vintage letterman jacket

98) Pins that they can put on their jackets, their backpacks or hats.

99) A keyboard coverand last but not least…

100) Crystals: because, I am obsessed with crystals especially amethyst.
in conclusion, I hope this gave you hundreds of ideas for main Christmas gifts and for stocking stuffers.
Let me know what you guys think, leave me a comment down below and share all your friends all over the web. I will see you guys in my next Christmas idea post.


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