8 Secrets that 5-Star Hotels Do Not Want You to Know

8 Secrets that 5-Star Hotels Do Not want you to Know | Hotel Secrets …

8 Tips for staying at a 5 star hotel

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Tips for staying at a 5 star hotels
1. Each and every reputed 5-Star Hotel property Do not want you to know if there was a death in hotel or not because this affects the reputation of the brand.

2. Details of the famous people staying at the hotel currently or before:  None of the 5-Star Hotel want you to know if there is a VIP guest staying in a hotel due to the security issue of that guest. Yes, if Ryan Gosling is in the next room then you can directly ask him for a selfie. The hotel won’t reveal any information. Even if you ask them if Ryan Gosling is at the hotel, they will abstain from revealing information. 

For example, if Taylor Swift were staying at the hotel and someone came up to the front desk and asked, “Is Taylor Swift staying here? I’m pretty sure I just saw her!” The standard answer would be (after looking in the computer), “I’m sorry, I do not have a guest registered under that name” which would be the truth since famous people never stay under their real name and we allow people to be registered under an alias or as an NRG, non-registered guest, so their name does not pop up on the computer screen if the front desk agent types it in.

3. 5-Star Hotels Do not want you to know about the accommodation rate of the hotel room if you are booking from third party travel website because there is a commission involve between hotel and third party website. Instead of booking through a third party, call the hotel and ask for their base rates. You will most likely get a better price and your loyalty will be appreciated.

4. 5-Star Hotels also Do not want you to know if there is a cleanliness and maintenance issue in property. Always request cleanliness when you check in. While sheets may be cleaned daily, blankets only get washed once a week at best in the best hotels, and don’t even ask about the bedspreads, they are not cleaned, especially if there are no visible stains. The best thing to do is to fold them and put them on the floor or a chair.

5. 5-Star Hotels Do not want you to know the personal information about the guest no matter hard you try(Even if they’re non celebrity guests).

6. Rooms are more expensive in the morning. Make your reservation just after 6 p.m. for this is when all the no-show reservations that were secured by credit cards are freed up. Sometimes in larger, well-attended cities like San Francisco or New York, this time may be 4 p.m.

7. Don’t ask for upgrades when other guests are within earshot as that just puts the clerk or manager in a position to having to please everyone. Rather if you want a more spacious room without paying more, request a corner room. These rooms are almost always larger and have better views. It’s just as good as asking for an upgrade. Employees at 5 star hotels often have the ability to give out awesome upgrades and freebies. The best way to get them? Just treat the employees nicely and they often respond accordingly. Hotel employees often are at the tail end of demanding customers and complaints. So a little kindness can go a long way.

8. Don’t trust the small safe in your room particularly if you are travelling with extremely valuable items, because not all of them are insured against theft. Also, virtually every member of a hotel’s staff has access to your room. Rather ask the hotel management to place the items in the hotel safe, and to provide you with a receipt. The main hotel safe will be insured, and it’s accessible to a much smaller number of staff members. (Also don’t leave anything around that you don’t want read.)

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