Must Watch: How Your Uvula Dances when you are Gargling?

Must Watch: Have You Ever Seen How Your Uvula Dance when you are Gargling?, Slow Motion video of Uvula
Sorry its not Tonsil..its Uvula.

Must Watch – Uvula Slow Motion Video

Your uvula is the fleshy piece of tissue hanging down over your tongue toward the back of your mouth. It’s part of the soft palate. It serves several important functions from helping with speech to keeping your throat moist. uvula swings back and forth and secretes large amounts of thin saliva. During swallowing, the soft palate and the uvula move superiorly to close off the nasopharynx, preventing food from entering the nasal cavity. When this process fails, the result is called nasal regurgitation.

Have You Ever Seen How Your Uvula Dance when you are Gargling?

In the interest of knowing this, two friends have recorded a video of their Uvula movement in Slow Motion. You can see how the Uvula moves back an forth, up an down like a fish, an Amazing video..

Slow Motion Gargling Uvula


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