What happens if you Stop Brushing your Teeth?

Understand the Importance of Brushing Teeth

For hundreds of thousands of years, humans did not brush their teeth. What happens if you stop altogether?

7 thousand years ago people didn’t brush their teeth because the food that they ate had enough roughage – fibrous indigestible material in vegetable foodstuffs that aids the passage of food and waste products through the gut.

This fibrous food “acted” as a brush to clean the teeth. Also, the diet consisted mostly of grass, meat or vegetables. There were no refined sugars or sodas.
First of all, people have been brushing their teeth in rudimentary ways since 3.000 BCE. Not using a store-bought toothbrush and toothpaste doesn’t mean you’re not brushing them. At its most rudimentary, chewsticks (Teeth cleaning twig) have been used. Like some animals do.  These sticks are from the bark of tree trunks and are medicinal and possess anti bacterial and anti fungal in properties.

Now if you stop brushing all together? Well your teeth would fall apart if you stop all together. Animals have various ways of keeping good dental hygiene.Unlike animals, humans consume alot of rubbish. I mean processed foods, foods with high carbohydrates and sugars.These food get stuck in-between the teeth. And are usually sticky in nature. While in the mouth they encourage the growth of bacteria and other micro organisms(because of their high carbohydrate and sugar content). Which in turn damage the teeth the gum and cause dental issues.

Renny Deckert from Wisconsin shared his experience of not brushing his teeth since his childhood.

“I was going to answer anonymously too on this one, but everyone I really know knows what my teeth look like, so screw it.
My parents were NEVER on me about brushing my teeth (Can’t blame them. I was 8 out of 8 kids, so they were tired.) I brushed my teeth once or twice every couple days up till about age 12, and then stopped altogether. I didn’t start back up again until very recently, because I’m going to be looking into implants soon, and I’d like to be in the habit of brushing new teeth (if I can afford them.)
understand the ramifications of not brushing your teeth, What happens if you stop brushing your Teeth?I am missing eleven teeth 9 of those were pulled by dentists, the other 2 have broken off past the gum-line. Thank my lucky stars, those are all behind the bicuspids. Out of the remaining teeth, 5 either have holes or are partially broken,  3 have nice big dark spots, and the rest are a very off shade of “white”. The gaps between teeth just get bigger as time goes on. For the most part, it doesn’t really hurt anymore. That’s because the nerves are dead. 

When it does hurt, it’s not too much. I still have to switch it up sometimes with which side of my mouth I chew on because I still get those pesky stabbed-in-the-face-by-a-hot-iron feelings when I bite down in the wrong place. But all the way up till 5 years ago, the pain could be unbelievably excruciating at times. I’ve had a few massive infections in my face, which led up to those particular teeth being pulled. Tooth pain is its own type of pain in its own class. The most pain I’ve ever felt in my life have been from toothaches.

All that right there, isn’t the worst part. The worst part, is this.

front side of the teeth, What happens if you stop brushing your Teeth?
Does that look pretty to you? I am ashamed of what my teeth look like. It boggles my mind sometimes that women can still find me attractive. Then again, I’ve gotten pretty good at showing just the fronts a little when I smile. You don’t even know how hard it was to put that picture up, but I can see that you need to understand the ramifications of not brushing your teeth.
Trust me on this. You don’t want THAT as part of your face.

I just want people to know you should really brush your teeth!
And to clarify a little to the people who assume my parents were negligent. They taught me brushing, but being able to enforce is a whole different thing when you have other difficult kids to take care of. Should brushing have been common sense to me? Absolutely. Unfortunately, laziness takes precedence for some kids, and once you’re an adult it’s hard to start new healthy habits. And my teeth didn’t start their downward spiral till I was just becoming an adult. My parents did NOT neglect us. They were the most wonderful parents I could have ever asked for.”

What If I Stopped Brushing My Teeth? | SCIENCE MYSTERIES REVEALED

What happens if you Stop Brushing your Teeth?

Conclusion: Parents should teach kids basic things like this…


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