Top 5 Best Android Smartwatches 2017-2018

Top 5 Best Smartwatches Android Wear 2017

1) Arrow: Smartwatch with 360 Rotating HD Camera

The arrow SmartWatch with a 360 rotatable camera with the camera you can capture a selfie in one moment and shoot a video in the next with a simple twist. Since you always have a camera on hand you can snap a quick photo and upload it without breaking your day.

And Who wants to carry a phone all the time. Keep your hands-free and snap amazing shots on the go but, capturing high quality video and audio on a small device can be a big challenge.

Arrow have a high definition camera and microphone that fits within a tiny footprint making it easy to capture any moment at any time and in stunning detail.

this is the world’s first SmartWatch with a 360 rotatable camera.

2) ZeTime: Smartwatch with Mechanical Hands over a Touchscreen

Zetime will provide a 30 days battery on a single charge and a water resistant up to 30 meters. The perfect hybrid SmartWatch it combined the best of both worlds stainless steel watch case and mechanical hands of an elegant traditional timepiece, with a full-color touchscreen that instantly shows incoming calls, smart phone notification, real time fitness activity, Upcoming calendar events, daily reminders and much more.

TFT display: combining a revolutionary TFT color display together with ultra precise touch panel and a high-grade quality glass we succeed to deliver the best of both worlds an amazing SmartWatch that can offer both doctrine experience together with the traditional timepiece.

Deliver the highest level of compatibility for iOS and Android users. the time is also embedding some of the most advanced technologies like leD heart rate monitoring solution, delivering precise and accurate measures of your cardiac frequency throughout the day or at a particular point in time when you need it.

we also decided to be played the traditional crown with a very advanced spark crown helping user to enhance their navigation experience inside of Polish and nicely design user interface

3) Viita Watch

Micronized redefine your perception of a smartwatch a sophisticated design featuring a powerful rechargeable battery that lasts for weeks meet. Viita watch which combines the finest watchmaking passion ship with technology of the future each. Viita is unique machined out of a single stainless steel block and perfected by hand to flawless beauty after conducting over 2 million body scans our specialists were able to decode your body’s vital signs. as a result in every Vita beats a special heart Viita scan.

with Vita you are constantly aware of your stress level and regeneration status enabling you to find the perfect work/life balance.

Both Vita casual and Vita active analyze your body up to 80 times per second. Viita not only helps you to reduce stress but to increase your performance by recommending the perfect workout intensity based on your current heart rate.

love the athletic challenges so does your Viita active featuring built-in GPS and an O-LED color touchscreen challenge mode shows if you are ahead of or behind the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Water is a crucial component for a healthy body. Thanks to Vita, you’ll always be aware of the amount of water you should drink throughout the day Vita active also helps you to grow your muscles by optimizing the timing between resting time and sets a subtle vibration will tell you when to exercise or take a break.

Last but not least your Viita analyzes your sleep and determines the perfect time for you to wake up energized and ready for a new day.

with a 30-minute window a SmartWatch with artificial intelligence that helps you reduce stress improve your performance and manage your health this is vita.

4) Sequent: First Self-Charging Smartwatch

Sequent, the most innovative SmartWatch engineers have ever created one that is absolutely precise equipped with the newest heart rate sensor and activity tracking system synchronizing perfectly with either your Android or iPhone it’s a comprehensive health and fitness device.

kinetic self charging battery system which produces infinite power supply.

yes, infinite power supply with kinetic self charging battery system you will never run out of power. kinetic means that the watch generates its energy by simply wearing it on the wrist using the principle of natural gravity and human movement sequence is a revolutionary SmartWatch providing infinite battery life without socket outlet charging.

Creating true autonomy wherever you are and whatever you do wear it during your sport exercise and it charges even faster.

Sequent is ergonomically designed with a modern and luxury occurrence at the most affordable price. straps is made up of the highest quality materials like genuine American Halloween leather and other organic materials all traditionally crafted. sequence is a SmartWatch with the mission to enhance your life quality making your everyday life simpler efficient and unique.

5) Ticwatch Sport & Express


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