20 Things You Can Make With leftover Corks

20 Things You Can DIY With Corks

Big wine drinker? Have old cork coasters lying around? what to do with leftover wine corks? Well, Looking for ingenious ways to use all those wine corks lying around? Looking for ways to spice up your home decor with simple champagne or wine corks but haven’t the foggiest on where to start? Here, we have compiled a list of 10 things you can do with corks. These ideas are relatively simple to execute and can be a fun family project. Who knew something so simple can be so versatile!

1. Cork Magnets

diy cork magnets, best out of waste ideas for wine corksGather some magnet strips, a knife, glue, and some wine corks. Cut corks in half lengthwise and then apply adhesive on each magnet strip. Press firmly onto the flat side. And that’s all.

2. Drawer Knobs

DIY champagne cork drawer knobs, best out of waste materials project ideasGather up some champagne corks, screws, and a screw driver. Remove existing drawer knobs and replace them with your pointed screws. Hold a screw in place with a screwdriver. Next, firmly press a champagne cork against the screw and twist in a clockwise motion. Do the same for all the drawers. Your new drawer knobs are ready.

3. Planters

diy Mini Succulent Cork Planters Wine Cork Magnets, best out of corksYou’ll need to gather up some potting soil, a puncher, paring knife, magnets and tiny succulents. Cut a hollow shape in the center of each cork. Attach magnets into each cork by pushing hard. Next, fill the hollow hole with soil and then place a tiny succulent inside each one. Add a few drops of water and attach the planters to a metal surface.

4. Jewelry Frame

Looking for ways to arrange your jewelry neatly? All you need is a frame that you like. Paint it. Cut out corks in long circular sizes and fuse into the frame. If you want to personalize it some more, you can wrap the corks in your favorite fabric.

5. Pinboard

diy Wine cork jewelry frame ideaAll you need are cork tiles, white paint and brush, painter’s tape, and picture hanging strips. Apply the tape to the corks and proceed to make stripes. Next, arrange tiles in a pattern and then start painting. Finally, remove the tape and there you have it.

6. Mouse pad

All you have to do is cut cork to size then bond them together on top of a piece of thick cork paper. It’s better to keep it simple but you can design any shape you wish.

7. Cork Wall

wine cork wall tile decoration ideaHave you been looking for ways to spice up your kitchen? Is your kitchen backsplash too ordinary? Well no more. All you need is a piece of wood cut out to the exact size of the area you wish to cover up. Next, start gluing half-cut corks onto piece of wood until every inch is covered. You can opt to either try a pattern design or simply fasten them in a row formation. When the wood is completely covered, attach it to the wall and voila!

8. Pencil Holder

diy cork pencil stand, reuse waste cork ideasYou’ll need a power drill, cork trivets, and glue. Stick trivets on top of each other and press firmly. Next, using your drill bit, drill out holes and fill each hole with a writing device.

9. Stool

cork-stool-ideaYou will need A LOT of wine and champagne corks. All you have to do is simply gather all your corks and enclose them in a breathable and durable mesh fabric.

10. Cork Stamps

diy cork stamp ideaWhy not make cute and unique stamps with your corks? All you’ll need is a good knife, a sharpie and a bunch of corks. Next, draw whatever design you want and then simply cut around it and slowly chip away any excess wood. Use ink and fill in your designs and voila!

11. Wine Cork BathMat

wine cork bath mat craft making tipsHave you been trying to find cheap and fun ways to decorate your bathroom? Why not give it a new mat using nothing but all the wine corks you’ve saved over time? A little more involved, but the end result is a slip-resistant, comfortable mat you can strut onto after a good shower. To make this mat, you’ll need to gather tons of wine corks, a hot-glue gun, a ruler, a sharp knife, sand paper, and a non-adhesive shelf liner. Cut each cork in half and arrange these halves in a long rectangle. Cut a shelf liner to size and then glue rows of corks on top of the liner, one by one. Start off with the frame and work your way inwards until your mat is complete and you’ve got a creative bathmat on the cheap..

12. Tassel Cat toy

Tassel Cat toy wine cork craft ideasWant to get your little kitten to stop attacking your feet? Or need to inspire some life into your slightly too lazy old Tabby? Homemade cork toys like this are a cheap solution. This one just involves threading shoelaces through some corks, but you can also hollow out the center of the cork and stuff it with catnip. And then watch Mr. Fluffy go nuts.

13. Sewing Pin Cushion

make a pin cushion out of waste wine corksMaybe the easiest DIY cork project we’ve found. If you’re a sewer, or just have a lot of loose pins that need wrangling, all you have to do is glue some corks to a surface (the guy here uses a jar lid). Make sure they’re secure, and then stick it with pins to your heart’s content.

14. Corks Paint tool

make wine cork art paintingWhile I wouldn’t recommend sharing a bottle with your little ones, the leftover wine corks will certainly come in handy.

Wine corks can be used to paint with. Not only does this make things easier for small hands and reduce mess, but they create lovely patterns too.

15. Wine cork Christmas decorations

DIY Wine Cork Craft Projects for Christmas DecorationHere’s another great way to use wine corks – mini Christmas trees!

Although it may not be the season for such decorations right now, give it a few months and you’ll be glad you saved all those wine corks.

They’re a lovely addition to any house come Christmas time, and so simple to make too.

16. DIY wine cork toy boats

wine cork toy boats craftContinuing on with the nautical theme, these DIY wine cork sail boats from Mama Papa Bubba are just so cute.

It’s a great craft to make as a family – the process is almost as fun as the playing! These amazing uses for wine corks just keep getting better and better.

17. Vases

diy Wine Cork Vase ideaGather some cans, spray-paint corks, adhesive and some pins. Wash out the can and paint inside and outside of each can. Cut corks in halves and then wrap them around the outside using glue. Hold in place then proceed to fill each vase with flowers or use them to store other items.

18. Key Chain

Wine Cork KeychainThis is actually quite simple to achieve. All you’ll need are wine corks and some keychain rings. Simply screw your keychain ring into a cork and that’s about it. If you wish to personalize your keychain, you can opt to draw on them.

19. Cork Trivet

Using superglue and a lot of corks, start by gluing 3 corks together and continue gluing more corks until you have a circular shape. Once you’ve achieved your desired size, let it sit and dry.

20. Gorgeous Name Cards

cork name cards craftGot a special event coming up? Then make sure you hang onto every one of your leftover wine corks.

You’ll be glad you did – wine corks make wonderful place card holders. If you want to keep it easy, simply cut a slit in the cork and place the name card inside.

Or, if you want to go all out, add faux flowers, berries and leaves like Muslin & Merlot. Your guest will be so impressed!

DIY Wine Cork Art and Craft Ideas …

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