How to Play Carrom Board? (Carrom Game Tricks)

How to Play Carrom Board (Carrom Board Game Tricks)

How to play carrom board game, carrom playing tricks tips ideas, kids game activityPlaying carrom board game is simple and it helps to improve the power of your eye vision and Brain Concentration. Focusing on a point to put the coins in pocket is the target in this game. Here in this video we have given the Carrom tricks that will clear your doubts on how to play a carrom game.


How to hold Carrom Striker

7 Useful and Important Carrom shot Techniques

Carrom Rebound Strokes

Learn Simple Technique for Playing Rebound Strokes

You should know Carrom game rules to play with your friends, this interesting game motivates kids and takes away their mobile addict habits.

How To Play Carrom Game?

Carrom Playing rules
Carrom Game Rules
Carrom Players, setting up Details

If you don’t have a carrom board in your home, don’t waste your time, Go and buy one.

I don’t suggest buying a best board online because we can’t choose the quality board. you have to personally visit your local game store to buy best carrom board.

Should I buy a big size carrom board or small one?

I would suggest you to buy big size board. Smaller boards will looks like compact and easy to carry but while playing, it will not be comfort. Bigger size carrom boards are good for indoor games also it can be used by any age group in your home. It means, parents can also enjoy playing carrom with kids.

Do I need to buy Carrom Coins and Striker separately?

No. You will get White, black and red Coins and a standard Striker for free of cost at most sports shops.


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