23 CLEVER WAYS TO ORGANIZE YOUR BEDROOM, LIFE-CHANGING BEDROOM HACKS , DIY inexpensive decoration ideas tips and tricks eco-design, genius lifehackWe prepared a collection of bedroom hacks that will make your life easier and your bedroom will look gorgeous!
This inexpensive DIY project not only saves your money but also is a really easy and fun project. Check out the tutorial! Don’t spend a lot of money on new things because we will show you pretty cool lifehacks how to reuse your old stuff at home!.
  • DIY Pillow cover
  • DIY headboard:  We have a dreamy DIY headboard project to make your bedroom super cozy!
  • Organize your linen closet: Quick and Proper technique for folding bed sheets with pillow.
  • Decoration ideas
  • Creative lamp shade: If you love eco-design, Create a cute lamp from wooden sticks. Use the hot glue gun and cover the inflated balloon with sticks. Let dry and when the balloon is ready, pop it and unstick slowly. Moreover, you can create a cute candle eco-design holder.
  • DIY infinity mirror table: Check out how to make a mirror decorated with plastic spoons.

  • You will learn quick ways to change linens,
  • Survive when it’s too hot outside,
  • how to make a cozy pillowcase,
  • make a pillow for those who wear eyeglasses
  • Decorate your bedroom and save the budget.

Check out a genius lifehack on how to organize linen in your closet – store your sets of sheets in corresponding pillowcases.

Don’t throw away your old t-shirts as you can make a blanket out of them. Moreover, you can save a lot of money and instead of buying a new headboard in a furniture store make it by yourself.

Find out how to roll the towel and create different forms such a beautiful swan. The classical light bulb could be very versatile item-paint it with a color marker and enjoy the magic. Try these lifehacks and share the results in comments below!


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