We prepared a collection of hacks that will make your life easier..

    • Use coconut oil to whiten your teeth:  Whiten your teeth using coconut oil and baking soda
    • Period tips: Wondering how to remove blood stains? will show you how to wash off blood using hydrogen peroxide. Moreover, you can wash off the blood using salt.

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  • Handmade heating pad out of a sock: Make a handmade heating pad out of a sock filled with any cereal and microwaved for a few minutes. Applying heat to your abdomen, you will be surprised at how much comfort this thing will bring you
  • DIY clutch: If you need a clutch, reuse your old sunglasses case. You can make a fashionable clutch purse with super simple step by a step video tutorial
  • DIY shopping bag
  • Micellar water trick
  • Add volume to your hair

– Put the towel on bed sheets to avoid blood stains during the period

– Make a box for hygiene products that are very helpful during these days. Period kits can be a great way to stop worrying about when and what to purchase.

– Watch our video and learn exercises to reduce pain. Yoga exercises will make your body incredibly toned body, increased flexibility, and improved balance

– If you are experiencing PMS Eat chocolate, bananas and drink red wine. Dark chocolate boosts your mood, potassium in bananas reduces water retention and bloating. Wine will relax you and get rid of unpleasant sensations.

– If you are dreaming about curvy hips but is too lazy for exhausting workouts, we have an idea that will shock you. Watch our video and find an unusual way to use sanitary pads

– Check out the best way to shorten a belt if it’s too long

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