Fun Summer Project DIY Painting art with Cotton Ball for kids

DIY Fun Painting Art Project for Kids

DIY Painting Art with Cotton Balls Project for Kids It’s very easy and also lots of fun. Materials required for Painting projects: 1) White Poster Board 2) Construction Paper 3) Glue 4) Acrylic paints and brush 5) Cotton balls 6) Pompoms 7) Spanish moss 8) Yellow foam sheet (for the sun)

Ideas for Paper cup crafts for Kids, Recycle Paper cups painting, arts


Arts and Craft ideas from Waste Plastic/Paper cups How many times have you happened to open a plastic cup and improvise a kind of flower with your hands during the holidays or the barbecues? They are used only once and are so fragile that breaking them is very easy and, in addition, they can not…

DIY 8 easy christmas greeting cards, make your own inexpensive designs ideas for teens kids

DIY 8 Easy Christmas Greeting Cards | Designs & Ideas

Make your Own Christmas Greeting cards with these 8 Simple ideas, are also inexpensive to make. Christmas is round the corner, time for lots of fun and gifts. It’s the time of the year for joy and happiness. Almost all kids like to make their own Greeting card crafts on Christmas and New year because…

How to make kids boat from Juice box?

How to make creative motor boat toy for your kids from Juice box | Small motor boat using waste empty Juice box | waste paper reuse ideas Read: DIY ideas Materials Required to make the boat shape Toy: old handheld battery fan Empty Juice box Juice box cap to turn into Fan propeller Scissors  Tape…

Cute and fun arts on paper plate

Cute and fun arts on paper plate Cute and fun arts on paper plate, animal shape arts on paper plate, preschool project ideas, Bear shape paper plate craft, rooster shape arts, Funny arts on paper plate, Interesting arts made out of waste papers, Paper creativity for school child, paper plate arts and crafts for toddlers,…

How to make a Skull out of Paper

Paper Skull craft for Halloween festival to scare kids… skeleton shape Paper Craft with moving chin. this skull shape paper craft can be used to scare the children and pets. One of the interesting paper project for school kids. Please try to DOWNLOAD the sketch and instruction drawing for making this skull shape paper craft….

Cute dolls made out from waste plastic cans and bottles

wonderful handmade dolls out from waste plastic cans and bottles You have a lot of old plastic bottles such as fabric softener bottles, cleaning oil bottles or water bottles. those bottles or cans can be Changed to interesting puppets and cute toys for beautiful house decorations. In the above picture various unique character shaped animals…