Baby shape Pears

Sleeping Baby shape Pears | “Buddha Pears” for Kids | Chinese deformed fruits

Baby shape Pears, molded fruits

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Chinese fruit farmers are using molds to produce cute but creepy pears that look just like babies, it is also called “Buddha Pears”.

In Beijing, China became available creepy pears that look like real babies, also known as “happy (happy) dolls pears.” This unusual form of pears obtained through the conclusion of the fetus in the plastic form in the early stages of development. Then the pear starts to grow, deform and take the form of creepy babies. The Chinese say that one bite “of children’s pear” you add 47,000 years of life, at the cost of the $ 3 pears (~ 110 rubles). Not very expensive for virtually eternal life, is not it?

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