Compact mobile home ‘Roll it’ design by German Architect

Small movable cylindrical home design called ‘Roll it’ by German Architect | Compact home design | home design for small spaces

Small cylindrical home 'Roll it' model by German Architect

Small cylindrical home 'Roll it' outside view

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The best & compact mobile summer house project:
So many home design ideas have already been created by human in our time, but architects and designers continue to surprise us with their new ideas. This article presents some unusual design solutions that are of interest as the common man, the builder and entrepreneur.
Cylindrical house “Roll It

Mobile home “Roll It” came up with the German students. It is made in a cylindrical shape that allows it to move in any direction. This fun house, despite the limited space, contains in itself all you need to stay because when you turn the cylinder inside the home environment becomes quite different.

Namely, the guest area goes into sleep area, and the kitchen is transformed into the bathroom, where there is both a sink and a toilet. The creators of this miracle argue that the toilet is firmly and securely fastened, so there is no fear that its contents will be on your head.. sounds interesting… 🙂

To change the interior enough simply to walk in the middle of the cylinder in one direction or another, depending on where you want to be now in the bedroom, living room or bathroom.

House erected from the frame, which is propped up by special rings. Outside it is covered with half-transparent film, which also plays the role of a billboard. Inside walls are covered with laminated sheets of OSB-15mm thickness, and the door of the house is a hole in the bottom of the cylinder, windows – small holes on the sides.

The creators and architect of “Roll It” suggests that this option will be of interest to students, for whom the question of finding affordable housing as relevant for anyone. However, this dwelling can be considered only as a summer option, because heating system is not provided in it.

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Compact mobile home 'Roll it' design by German Architect

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