Top 10 Most amazing futuristic bikes

10 futuristic unusual bikes that came from the future

Top 10 Most amazing futuristic bikes

Spring – a time when on the road, as snowdrops in the forest, there are stories. We have collected 10 of the most unusual motorcycles. Some of them are still at the level of the concept, while others – have real projects. But they are all fans dream motorcycles.

1.Traverston V-Rex

1.Traverston V-Rex

Banana bike V-Rex from the developers of the company Travertson Motorcycles appeared on the American market relatively recently and surprised even connoisseurs motodizayna and bikers, spoiled “stuffing” iron horses. Transmission and engine borrowed from the Harley-Davidson V-Rod. Engine power 125 hp.

2. Honda Rune

Honda Rune.

Motorcycle Honda Rune – a vivid example of how design fantasy degenerated into highly efficient machine. Japanese Power Rune – 106 horsepower.

3. Suzuki Biplane

Suzuki Biplane.

Suzuki Biplane – a combination of innovative technical solutions and extravagant design. Razrabtchiki argue that the style of their offspring in common with the formation of biplanes era of aviation.

4. Concept Michael Smolyanova

Michael Smolyanova concept.

There are dozens of concepts motorcycles. But the rendering shown Moscow designer Mikhail Smolyanov differs unusual level of style and imagination. Concept GL1-m was commissioned by Russian Alexander Bushueva, who soon wants to bring the bike in the metal.

5. Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk - the fastest bike in the world.

Motorcycle Dodge Tomahawk – the fastest bike in the world. The engine power of 500 horsepower allows to accelerate to 675 km / h. Development bike cost $ 100 million. Total collected 10 “Tomahawk” (all bikes are assembled by hand), and they were all sold at a price of $ 550 thousand.

6. Hamann Soltador Cruiser

Hamann Soltador Cruiser.

Hamann Soltador Cruiser – bike created in the best traditions of German design school. Installed on the bike engine with 160 horsepower.

7. Hyanide

Hyanide - track bike.

In concept snowmobile Hyanide, created by German designer, joined all kinds of vehicles. Thanks to this, this caterpillar bike you can ride on dirt, snow, sand, and any relief.

8. COSMIC Motors Detonator

COSMIC MOTORS By Daniel Simons Studios

Danielsimon’s Detonator Motors – a unique concept that at the presentation called “COSMIC MOTORS”

9. Hyundai Concept Motorcycle

Hyundai Concept Motorcycle.

The creators of the bike Hyundai Concept Motorcycle tried to make it as aerodynamic fairing and equipped semi-enclosed by sliding the balance of the front wheel. Because of this, the bike looks “sloping forward.”

10. Evolve Xenon

Evolve Xenon.
Evolve Xenon.

This may seem like science fiction, but this bike on the motor is already available(Lithium Powered). However, such a purchase would cost $ 55 000. But you can save on fuel.

Novice bikers should pay attention to any democratic pricing decision. If really want something under brand, the perfect solution would be a cheap bike for beginners legendary brand Harley-Davidson. He is already being tested on the roads.

 Top 10 futuristic unusual bikes that came from the future, Top 10 most amazing motorcycles 


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