Building Block shape coffee Mugs

Building Block shape coffee Mugs for kids

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drinking coffee from brick shape playful mug

Building Block shape coffee Mugs

The cup of brick shape Building block mug from ThinkGeek lets you customize your drink

This ThinkGeek building block shape mug enables you to spice up your morning coffee or tea.

This cup is the perfect mug for the young or the young at heart. Whether you want to add a bit more flair and personality to your office space or if you have a child who can not stop playing – this customizable mug is perfect!

Fought with most types of building blocks toys such as Lego and Mega Blocks Pixel blocks, mug perfectly with your home collection.

You can not imagine some of the creations people can create with this mug as a catalyst. I can already imagine a Lego robotics system that brews the coffee and delivers the steaming mug via a building block of vehicle.

References: thinkgeek & bitrebels 

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