Color-Changing Contact Lenses to Measure the Blood sugar level

Color-Changing Contact Lenses to Measure the Blood sugar level

‘Eye Candy for diabetics’ May Eliminate Using Needles

‘Eye Candy for diabetics’ can eliminate the use of needles for millions of adults with diabetes. The University of Akron with Dr. June Hu has created a contact lens that can eliminate the use of a needle to test blood sugar levels for people with diabetes.

These contact lenses using chemicals to change the color of sugar sensing to alert people when their blood sugar levels low. Individuals will not notice any difference between pairs of color-changing and regular contact them. The University of Akron has created software so that people can read their sugar concentration with their cameras on their smartphones by simply taking a picture of their eyes. The whole method is much simpler because it only requires a smart phone and the contact. Solution violating this land can potentially be a major step towards improving the lives of people living with diabetes.

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