#BellyButtonChallenge the new weight loss trend in social networks

China Viral Weight Loss Trend, Medical experts raise concerns about 'Belly Button Challenge', 'Belly button challenge' goes viral on Chinese social media

China Viral Weight Loss Trend, the new trend in social networks

The hashtag #BellyButtonChallenge (challenge of the navel) has invaded social networks since became viral on Weibo, the Chinese twitter. There are more than 150 million pictures of young, mostly women, who dare to take on this challenge.

After #IceBucketChallenge and #CharlieCharlieChallenge, this new challenge is a writhing users of social networks, because the challenge is touching the navel putting his arm behind his back.

As CCN review on its website, the challenge is supposedly based on a study of loss of “scientific” weight of the United States, which says that if you can not touch your navel so you lose weight until you can.

This new trend has drawn much criticism among those who think it is a practice that promotes extreme thinness and the cult of the perfect body.

Medical experts raise concerns about ‘Belly Button Challenge’

And several experts spoke on this subject and explained that the results depend on the type of body of individuals and that this is not a true indication of good physical condition and good health.

“If you can touch your belly behind your back, you could be in better shape than someone who can not, but you should not have a false sense of security about their health,” she told Cosmopolitan Dr. Charlie Seltzar, specialist weight loss.

He added that “you may have a small waist and look healthy, but blood tests may show that you are so unhealthy as someone who weighs 200 kilos.”

This challenge, which does not have any kind of solidarity contribution will end with becoming a cause, most certainly, a fad.

Remember that the ALS ice bucket challenge -from participating singers, actresses, entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities and people commonly sought to raise funds for research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ended up being a fashion more on social networks.


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