Burn victim gets an amazing facial reconstruction

Burn victim gets facial reconstruction, Facial Reconstructive Surgery Before & After Pictures | Amazing facial reconstruction

Zubaida Hasan, completed twelve major surgeries over a course of one year and
within a short period of time, the transformation was astounding. 

Several years ago, in 2001, nine-year-old Zubaida Hasan was lighting the
stove in her family’s kitchen in Afghanistan when something went awry
with the kerosene being used, and there was an explosion. She was burned
so severely that her face just melted. 

Burn victim gets facial reconstruction, doctors did an amazing face restructure job | Amazing facial reconstruction

Zubaida Hasan with her friends after facial surgery

Dr. Peter Grossman, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at The Grossman Burn Center in Sherman Oaks, California did this unbelievable facial reconstruction.

Facial Reconstructive Surgery photo, Forensic facial reconstruction
What people says about the picture:

  • Amazing that so much of her face burned but she didn’t lose her eyesight

  • That doctor needs an award.
  • Thanks to some great doctors though she was able to get her face fixed and she looks better than ever.
  • Guy1: Does acid just turn
    skin into liquid? I don’t understand how the scar tissue formed like
    that. Good for her, btw! I’m glad she got help. – Guy2: She
    was burned from a house fire. Skin can have a melting affect, I’ve seen
    similar other pictures, don’t know science behind it though –  Guy1: Oh,
    it was a house fire! I just assumed she was another acid attack
    victim…god, that must have sucked. I’m glad her surgeries worked.
  • I Was
    just going to say that. No one doctor did that. It takes a lot of
    different doctors, nurses and other specialists to accomplish that.

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