DIY Butterfly feet painting

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DIY Butterfly feet painting, Parent's day gift ideas, Memorable gifts, emotional gifts
Cute butterfly painting tutorial done with children’s feet.

Materials required:

  1. sheets of drawing paper
  2. Finger paint (like this one I found in my own stationery radius of my super u)
  3. a frame.
  4. a paper plate/ cardboard dish for child

Pour the paint into the cardboard dish (I have taken two different colors for each child, its the foot that makes the color mixture)

Place foot of the child to be flat on the paint, covers the entire surface of the foot.

Setting foot on the Canson sheet with reversing feet. The left foot on the right and the right foot on the left.

Allow to dry. Add black paint to paint body of the butterfly.

When everything is dry you can put it in the frame.

The difficulty is in laying the foot on Canson paper. I had to get back to 5 times (but good with two kids there is always a risk that the foot slides or the paint does not score enough).

However it did not take me more than 20 minutes. And it’s nice to my mom as she felt that this was the most important thing in her life.
– Ker Mary ( from France)

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