How to Be a Very nice Guy

How to Be a Very nice Guy

It is not easy to be a very nice guy. If you really want to be cool, you need to pay attention to your appearance, be unique, engaging, and design a cool image to the world. If you want to know how to be a really nice guy, just follow these steps.


    Be charming. If you want to be a really nice guy, then you have to know how to charm everyone in your presence. A lovely person walks confidently into a room and can speak to anyone with ease, good humor and a smile. You must either be able to charm a woman of eighty years of age and do laugh a boy of eight to be truly charming; It needs a “magic touch” that allows everyone to feel at ease in his presence.

    To charm a person, show more interest in it than in talking about himself. Ask about the interests or feelings of a person, listen carefully and make eye contact to show that you really care.
    To be charming, always remember a person’s name when you find it and mention it whenever possible.
    Laugh with elegance. The charming people laugh frequently or make other people laugh. Do not be afraid to play lightly with a person who does not care about that.

     Be witty. This is another important part to be legal. If you want to be a really nice guy, then you have to be able to make people laugh, make them pay attention to you and play with them. To be smart, you also have to have sharp tongue and make the right comments at the right time.

    If someone says something funny, do not just laugh – respond with a funny comment.
    See other spirituous people you admire, comedians until his funny uncle to see what appeals to you.
    You have to know the right time to be witty. Tell jokes when everyone is listening and tell them loud enough for all to hear. If you tell a joke in a very low voice or when someone is speaking, do not try again. You may sound boring.

    Be yourself. Looks are important, but not as much as be who you are. Learn to be less concerned about the impression you make on others and more concerned with having fun, play, talk about what you like, and do what you want to do. If you can make anyone laugh, work it positively.

    Do not be ashamed to let people see what makes you unique. If you like watching bird, wonder. But if you want to hide this, who knows what makes you special?
    Do not be ashamed of where you were born and / or was brought up. If you are Northeastern, do not try to hide his accent live in the southeast. There are people who will like you.
    Do not be indifferent. If you really care who won the football game at night, express it. Do not act as if nothing mattered or as if you wanted to just be cool.
    Always be yourself. You can try to improve parts of your personality, but be authentic means no fear of his personality.

 Be nice to people. Do not be fooled by the movies. The good guys are not posing with a car or motorbike to attract women. Call people, make plans, take risks and make friends in whom you can trust and respect. If you leave a lot of people, then you will look cool to know a variety of friends.

    Accept invitations. Do not refuse people because you do not think is going to be cool to be somewhere.
    You do not need to socialize all the time. While it’s great to go out with each other, take time for yourself and search for polishing your personality.
    Be kind to everyone, not just who you think is cool

 Be confident. You could be incredibly beautiful, but the girls will not notice it if be shy and does not have a proper posture. Keep your head up, chest out and look everyone in the eye. Work on your self-esteem to get rid of insecurity. This is not a process that happens from night to day, but you will not gain the respect of others if you do not respect yourself.

    Walk with your head up and show that you’re proud of who you are.
    Speak clearly and slowly enough so that the whole world hear what you have to say.
    Look into the eyes when talking to people. This shows that you are confident.
    Do not be afraid to laugh at yourself. This reinforces the sense of security even more. You do not have to criticize yourself to be able to laugh at themselves.

 Show interest in others. Who wants to hear someone talk about yourself all the time? Discover what your friends are interested in and ask them about it. So, you seem thoughtful and will be loved by people.

    When you talk to someone, ask how the person is. It shows that you really care about her.
    Ask the person about what she likes to do. People love to talk about them, and will love you for asking.

    Be positive. You do not have to wave with your thumb or smile that not stupid to be positive. Being positive means only to be optimistic, look at the bright side of things and talk about what makes you happy instead of letting them down. No one likes a person who is negative and complains all the time, so you should avoid doing this whenever you can. Instead, focus on the positive things, and you will see how quickly people will think you cool.

    Every time you say something negative, say three positive things to combat what you just said.
    No problem be negative from time to time if you feel upset or angry. Just do not make it a habit.
    If someone feels bad, you can also make the person feel better making her see the good side of things and smile. People will like your ability to make them feel better, and that’s pretty cool.

     Do not put people down. You may think it’s cool to make fun of people who are less legal. However, putting people down does not make you look better. On the contrary, it makes you look insecure and desperate to make other people feel bad so that others can see you more positively.

    Instead of putting people down, you can play with your friends. They also will play with you and they will laugh instead of falling into a spiral negativity.

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